Rerouting the New Rivers to the Dry Rivers by Shirley Henderson

Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher

This article is being written as we speak for more updates comeback later. For your patience thank you very much.

It’s is important to recognize that water is an element of world peace .

Before I tell you how to fix this world wide problem I will request you to increase the planting of trees at the mountains that start the water ecosystem and to implement new systems that help to save water as the eco friendly shower heads and toilets. Also, please can someone please invent eco friendly sinks that save water. Thank you in advance.

From there the importance to organize the delivery of water under the current river’s since they cross borders. In my research I found that the natural river course had change to the right side or the left side of the old river flow breaking into smaller river branches instead of one strong river course as before it dried. This is why the water reservoir are going dry because the new water river is breaking into small branches going in the same direction but loosing its strength along the way because it gets absorbed by the dry land . I’m not a topographer but I request that people who study topography snd weather predictions help us to Standish a new river course every year to help us redirect the water to the old and dry rivers that have government water distribution permits worldwide that way we are in control of the water distribution in a peaceful and democratic way. So with the help of the human hand the water flow can return to the natural water reservoirs in a global scale. There you have it my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life, I’m on the side of humankind and see you guys back. Subscribe to my newsletter subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media. I love you all.

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