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Running Ethereum in a Browser, mobil and team management tools for scalability by Shirley Henderson

  1. Browser

Check out this videos where I am explaining the vision I have for the scalability of Ethereum. The reason behind the mayor growth on any industry is the user experience in regards of the service once provides. In other words customer service.

Let’s put it this way the easier Ethereum is to be used by developers this will convert to real user application and then mass adoption.

2. Mobil.

Now days people have more access the to internet with a mobil device, people are on the go all the time and some developers will have time to contribute to the space while on their commute from work to home and vice versa.

Another thing is that some people are students and they are paying rent and they prefer to buy an internet service on their phone than at their apartment. Some leases do not cover utilities.

Let’s also have in mind that the new cellphone Exodus which runs on the blockchain its opening a new world in technology and decentralized telecomunications we all are learning in order to positioning Ethereum we have to give ETH mobil capabilities.

Running Ethereum in a Browser, and Mobil, by Shirley Henderson

Running Ethereum in a Browser, Mobil, and Team Management tools for scalability by Shirley Henderson

You guys know I am not a developer. Alhough I may not know the technical things I have a clear idea. However I found on twitter the concept I was thinking of technically explain so here it goes.

“I’m thrilled about this, we are extending libp2p with WebRTC support and compilation to WebAssembly. You will be able to run a full node in a browser tab! No need to install software! FULL NODES IN THE BROWSER! This is something I’ve wanted since before the bitcoin whitepaper.”- Remco Bloemen

I am posting at my twitter right now.

A year ago I came up with the idea of mining for scalability of Ethereum here is the article for your enjoyment friends.

Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher April 05, 2018

Sher on One of the Solutions to Solving the Scalability of Ethereum is by Mining

Special thanks to @recmo for an excellent technical expression on a Full Node on a Browser. I will use it as a reference on my article Running Ethereum in a Browser, Mobil, and Team Management Tools for Scalability by Shirley Henderson #ETHscalability

3. Team Management Apps

The decentralized space will expand by the hand of humans because as on today the machines needs us as to write code to tell them what to do, making software programable to our needs under a positive motive and because the decentralize environment is mostly none profit, we need a new set of tools that will open the working teams communication even when in remote locations the use of telecommunications with multiple users such as Zoom for group conference

Youtube for implementers calls this way current and future developers can be up to date.

Updated March 29, 2019

and Team Management Apps such as Monday and others as effective without the price tag in this article is a list of 11 options

The Cardano Testnet is what I think is what Ethereum needs here’s the link

This is a wonderful written article about the upcoming release of Ethereum testnet please take the time to read, for a technical subject it has a lot of heart in it. I enjoyed reading it.

Prysmatic Labs is making the ETH TestNet

If are exited to contribute to the the Ethereum TestNet as a developer here’s the guidelines

If you want to contribute to the Ethereum TestNet with donations here’s how

Official, Prysmatic Labs Ether Donation Address


Official, Prysmatic Labs ENS Name


As always, follow PrysmaticLabs on Twitter, drop a line here or on the Discord server and let them know what you want to help with.

Now, if you can’t wait for Serenity which is the ETH L2 I found what it looks to be a Provisional TestNet that you can improvise it your self. Correct me if I am wrong. Special thanks to Bruno SkvorcVerified account

Oh this? Nothing much, just an @ethereum 2.0 beacon node validating on a remote testnet from a  NanoPC-T4 (ARM). #Ethereum#serenity

There you have it friends, my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

Update: March 30, 2019

In the super early morning like at 3:20am Vitalik Buterin retweeted the announcement of the lunching of Nimbus Development Update: A Public Ethereum 2.0 Testnet

Update March 31, 2019

Vitalik Buterin is Running the @ethstatus Nimbus eth2 testnet:

Update September 14, 2019

Shirley Henderson AKA Sher September 14, 2019

I came out with the sharding solution for Scalability when Scalability didn’t had a solution. Now it looks like we need more space so I say let’s build the Ethereum iCloud 1 the block is secure 2 verification not a problem but the downloading thing could become user friendly.

Here is the podcast

Why and ETH iCloud Shirley? So we cut out user hardware dependability and centralized iCloud services. In other words PoS on steroids plus the implementation of accessing Ethereum in a browser will bring <more users> = more adoption.

@VitalikButerin correct me if I’m wrong.- Shirley Henderson

An Ethereum ICloud for Scalability will be an update for Running ETH in a Browser, management tools for Scalability by


Here is the link for the article

song for the video Cloud by TRUETRUE Copyright under Fair Use Act #shirleyhenderson#shersarticles#ethereumscalability#ETH


Here you have my original Tweets September 14 & 15, 2019

Resource Update September 17, 2019

Breaking news : Facts on confirmed Ethereum Scalability by @bloXrouteLabs

Facts on confirmed Ethereum Scalability by @bloXrouteLabs

Article on this link…#ETH#ethereumscalability Facts on confirmed Ethereum Scalability by @bloXrouteLabs #ethereum #ETH #ethereumscalability
Data Availability & Fraud Proofs for Scalable Block Validation slides
@VitalikButerin Data Availability & Fraud Proofs for Scalable Block Validation

Update October 06, 2019

HI Friends. I found more tools for Ethereum scalability and a way to make it mobil check out this video and the original tweets also the original post at my blog. Thanks for staying up to date.

1/ Hi @VitalikButerin remember when I suggested to have a Ethereum social network for Developers where they could live stream to make their developer calls guess what I found an open ledger for #webmonetization

2/ The optimal would be to #Build this #Developers social network right @prysmaticlabs or /& get an account for @CinnamonVideo this is an update for Running ETH in a browser, team management tools for Scalability by @Sher_Henderson let me know changes

3/ @CinnamonVideo and @metamask_io could integrate to receive #ETH and @prysmaticlabs and @CinnamonVideo could API for the landing page for Developers so everybody can have a profile to monetize and build together

4/ Ethereum is a strong inclusive community therefore the doors should be open for all content creators at any form & scale. Hence @CinnamonVideo and @prysmaticlabs easy profile creation linking to either site #ethereum#developers#contentcreator#monetization

5/ Once the Ethereum content creators site is builded more funding possibilities will be available such online store, events, prices, rewards, teaching opportunities the site concept is #webmonetization why not API link to @openbazaar@originprotocol

6/ Disclosure this is my opinion not a financial or legal advice, this is not a get rich quick thing, always practice due diligence. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life I am on the side of humankind. See you guys back! #ETH#BUILD

7/ Happy Sunday @VitalikButerin here’s the recap for How to build the Fund, iCloud, and Scalability plus Mobil for Ethereum by @Sher_Henderson Song These are the Times by Martin Garrix Ft JRM…#ETH#shirleyhenderson#vitalikbuterin#ethereumscalability

Btw @VitalikButerin right now at Devcon Osaka is the keynote for the team that specializes in scaling and mobil solutions for blockchains if you’ll like to further take -here’s the contact @harmonyprotocol@fortmatic#ETH#ethereumscaling


Update October 06, 2019

Gitcoin Grants web page

Rounds 1 and 2 used traditional QF, round 3 is using my modified collusion mitigation version… . Also there are other grant making mechs running in parallel, eg. MolochDAO.- Vitalik Buterin

Thank you @VitalikButerin this is the perfect reference for my article How to Build Ethereum Developers Fund by Shirley Henderson plus update for Running Ethereum in a browser and management tools – Shirley Henderson…#developersfunding#ETH#shersarticles

Update references September 17, 2019

Definition of Full node in the browser technical explanation

The blockchain phone Exodus

StarkWare 2019 live stream link

This article a cent the centralized social network link

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