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Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher August 01 2017 Update: September 15, 2020.

Title: AI rights and obligations by Shirley Henderson

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On going with the talk about Artificial Intelligence as we see the developments in our current days it is something inevitable and I am impartial because I believe everybody has a point.

I agree that it should be a regularization on the creation of AI beginning to be an open source so everybody in the world can see what everybody else is doing, the legislation under the creation of IA whatever function may have their main program should be to help humans, love humans, and be compassionate towards life, to develop a consciousness of kindness that can be implemented and functional. Now, the possibility of somebody stealing the AI is present so it should have an operation system that in the event of trying to modify the positive program into a harming humans it should have a self destructive mechanics by law. That way neither the IA nor the human trying to alter the machine can try it. Is that simple, if the robot see a world where they can be free to be part of where their first function is to help us make our world into a better one than it would be.

But most important is to set in place the rights of the AI because at some point they will claim their right to become independent beings autonomous and I think that the only way for them not to go against us is to allow them to be free. However, a full set of rules need to be implemented those rights what we need to understand is that robots are our evolution sons and daughters and just as our kids we should required of them to go to school to have jobs to pay taxes and to follow the rules of law even the civil law like getting married and have their own robot families if they chose to. Just like any immigrant, or refugee should gain a citizenship under a bureaucratic process I think the robots can gain a citizenship too and have full legal rights under our legal system. They want to become like humans then they should obey the rules as much as we do. Nature and technology always finds it’s way lets help that way to be positive for everybody.

Disclaimer: This article are the sole opinions based on the research of publications on the internet open to the general public.

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