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Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher Jun 27, 2018

Sher’s theory of why racism is a pleasure seeking mechanism that AI should reject.

Sher’s Podcast this EP 1st Part

The concept of racism is outdated and AI is the reason why racism should be eradicated ASP for the good of all humans.

The question is why people is racist? In my opinion it’s out of desperation, it’s out of fear and pleasure seeking out of others people misfortune actually it has a name is called schadenfreude. But first let’s explain something. Why we cannot be racist anymore as a society? Because we have never faced change in a mass proportion as we’re doing it right now. With machine learning in progress we don’t have time to waste in social negative games as racism. We need to united as humans and work together to build a peaceful world for us with the help of AI for our human needs.


The transformation we’re passing thru, is like we’re leaving in the adulthood of humanity. Therefore, it is our responsibility to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) the right manners and morals of a well raced civilization to live on the years to come. We will like them to take care of us in our older years as a humanity. Meaning, we will be on their hands, so we can trust that the AI will be taking care of us. Depending on how we teach them, That will be our outcome, that will be our life. AI will not be the child we can take to therapy and wash our hands as parents.

Let’s put it this way if we race kids without values and morals with no sense of responsibility, where we don’t request for their help because we cannot count on them. In other words, making the typical children that only come to be visit their old parents just to ask for money and the only thing they bring is problems and so on.

Since the children that we are bearing are robots “machines” we need to change the society structure fast we don’t have another 100 years to repeats history like is being happening in cycles.

So what is the solution?

Is simple, with racism which is a state of hate, fighting over morals and values what we need is a general behavior of respect help each other integration of one self and confidence, scaling from person to person to large populations.

That’s what is lacking in our society. Right now we are leaving in a social environment full of fear, inadequacy, mistrust, insecurity, shame, ignorance, and everything that driver’s people into a flight, or fight mechanism. That is basically the way people conduct their lives at school, at work, and they’re not behaving correctly because people in general are having personal needs not meet. Like Mother Theresa say peace begins at home. We have never seen the statistics of divorce this high because. Therefore society perfect picture is not like in the 50’s.


People are not fulfilling the status quo, people are not meeting the social goal

and they are desperate. The normal standards are not getting meet. So they want to find the ace on their sleeve by making more money, getting more plastic surgery, filling out agenda and being busy all day long, substance abuse, self medication, and still is not enough. So the only scape to all that pressure is with negative behavior, such as racism which is not the solution. It only makes things worse.

Racism it doesn’t make us better it only make us worse as individuals, were just loosing a society.

So how can we fix this?

Painful it sounds. I think everybody deserves their one hour a day with full attention,

where everybody feels listened to, and understood.

2nd part: Sher’s theory of why racism is a pleasure seeking mechanism that AI should reject.

Sher’s Podcast 2nd Part for this EP

We’re leaving in a world where parents will not get to see their children getting a college degree or having the picture perfect family and picket fence house. Things are changing so fast that parents should just be happy to have children that care, that help to contribute to their communities. That will be in the new role model.

Let me refrace because you are going to say but why not I should expect the status quo? And for all means go for it. I am the first person who wants you to be have the supermodel body and the multimillionaire life style if thats what you want but the reality even when you get to the top of X ambitions. We are looking at people who are still feeling incompetent because they are not meeting their expectations.

No matter what its done it’s never enough, we are steel losing jobs, loosing husband’s and wife’s, losing children to the social media, losing everybody’s attention to an electronic gadget.

We feel isolated, rejected, neglected, and incomplete, no matter what we do, there’s always somebody else prettier, or somebody else smarter, they’re always somebody else with more money, and the race to the top never ends. There’s no glass ceiling anymore.

But remember the question: Why people are racist?

Well the study done in 2014 called schadenfreude that says that some people feel pleasure by the pain of others. In other words enjoying others people misfortunes.

In my opinion, is it easier as a reward mechanism to make one self feel better when one self is loosing at everything else. As sad as it sounds. Is the only answer I can find for this harmful behavior of racism/bulling, practically emotional abuse.

Listen to the meat and potatoes of my Sher’s theory of why racism is a pleasure seeking mechanism that AI should reject.

If all that we do to make us feel better is failing but we get to feel good at making people feel bad than that is a bad reinforcement behavior that provides pleasure seeking and that is why racism is so hard to kick off”- Shirley Henderson

As all behaviors this negative behavior can be substitute by a new one.

For example.

If we live in a society that praise rich people than we should make the new rich people a person with the attributes and characteristics that helps other human beings.

And this new model of wealth and happiness is conducting life in such away that promotes love, respect, compassion, and shares knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. To ensure the well-being of humanity. This new man and women warranty that AI will be developed by people with morals and values that conduct themselves with love towards themselves and the world.

In conclusion, we need to replace schadenfreude with empathy where people and AI should be educated from history of the harms of racism and the goodness of consciousness to build a better world for all. This will prevent by default negative mindset people who gets pleasure by the pain of others to write code when building AI.

So there you have it, my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see yo succeed in every area of your life, see you guys back.

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Sher’s Podcasr 1st part

Sher’s Podcasr 2nd Part

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