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Written by Shirley Henderson AKA Sher August 15, 2015.

The Creative Process and Wellness

I am putting together a video where I’ll show you part of my collection from the art that I created when I was a graphic designer school. I remember the time of my life with great love and pleasure because of the work that I did and the time that I spend doing it, by feeling the joy, and happiness. Overall, by having a good sense of well-being when I was creating my art pieces, even when it was my homework, I never felted like it was obligated.

I went to school happy and looking forward, for the next day, or the next assignment to learn the next technique.

Those feelings of happiness, have to do a lot with the involvement with the creative process. I would say that every time we’re hands on with art, we experience awareness of all our environment and self-awareness, our stress decreases, even improves our cognitive abilities because we’re learning we’re experimenting and reprocessing information.

I could say that art serves as a coping mechanism.

Art represents a positive way of spending your time. It doesn’t matter how old you are, when you’re involved in any kind of artistic expression you are developing your interpersonal skills. It’s a way of dealing with problems, you know? Like, if you can’t express life thru words then art can translate it, for you.

As a result when you finish an art piece you will have a sense of accomplishment yourself esteem will increase, you’ll get a new perspective in life, will keep you motivated to keep making more art.

Over all an emotional well-being, will encourage you to discover your artistic side and explore the possibilities of your creative nature that we all have. We can try sculpture, painting, dancing, playing music, writing, or anything that will encourage your creative process.

Let’s see what happens when we explore our artistic side.

According to the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) when we are in the creative process,

we feel challenged, inspired to do something new, and then you start imagining when generating images in your mind all about, how you will like to do your art. Then you will start to planning by focusing on that particular target. It gets us excited because we have something to do.

Finally, graduated from the imaginary face to be hands on working on our project. To explore and experiment with materials, or techniques. Then you do the preliminary work, and after you can revise and refine, this is where the self-esteem part gets involved because we finish our product and then you start reflecting and evaluating what you did and that is the healthy part. Because, this will give you an opportunity to express yourself if you will like some feedback from your peers, or teachers, family and friends (Brian Leichnitz, 2015). We will realize that when we’re giving an explanation of our creativity to other people we will do it in a more lose way when we talk about our feelings because when we are the owner of our creation we feel more in control. Therefore, your mood changes you’re not as grumpy and you’re not as stressed (Gussak, 2009).

So making art give us an opportunity, for wellness when we access the creative process, because it disconnect us from the ordinary, from the daily stress and hardship, and project our attention to a world of discovery, so we take it from there and our social experience as a result improves as well.

So let’s give art a chance and to ourselves to be a little more happy.

As always, I wish you love and success in everything that you do

Meet you back here.

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Gussak D. (2009). “Comparing the effectiveness of art therapy on depression and locus of control of male and female inmates”. The Arts in Psychotherapy 36(4): 202–207. doi:10.1016/j.aip.2009.02.004.

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