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To speed up the bilateral international economic flow more LANES at the current bridges need to be open
To speed up the bilateral international economic flow more LANES at the current bridges need to be open. Click here to watch the live cam at the bridge to know the current wait times and to know, how many lanes are open.

Why in a bilateral border, the crossing times need to be less than 5 minutes? Because imagine that you are a worker that need to get in time to check in, or you have a doctors appointment, or student that will have to go to school for the next 8 years of your life, four years to high school and four yeas of college and you have to add the crossing border time to your daily routine, it is just insane, this physical and psychological torture needs to stop. It is just common sense to open all the current lanes to speed the traffic and build more international bridges. We should aim to make a better world for people that follow the rules who are the future of the world and regular people who are contributing right now to our economy.

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Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher April 04, 2019

Border Crossing Time Wait by Shirley Henderson

When you have the option to cross the border with a waiting time of 5 minutes by jumping the wall or at the international bridge with a waiting time of 5 hours which one you take?

The majority of people who opt to take the 5 minute wait time by jumping the wall have a reason to do it with the outcome of been processed by immigration and gain sooner or later a legal status even if they get cough inside the US undocumented they will be deported but their case will be in process.

As of today immigration laws that grant legal status privileges to central America countries such as  El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and Cuba under the asylum status. (foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle). The problem is a deficient border process that need and upgrade. If we think when was the last time an international bridge was in construction and how much the population density has rise!

This is not a legal counsel of any kind you can look for your self on the internet for any question you have regarding immigration forms and process. The country of Mexico does not have immigration treaties as it has with other countries from central America so they jump Mexico to get to the US but the waiting time at the border it is obvious they are opting to avoid.

Automatic Passport Control Machine

So the solution it is to build more international bridges along the border to speed the immigration process of this people and have a record of who they are and so on. This applies to the South Mexican border too.

The importance of an open border for economic business is crucial for the economic growth of a country other wise may collapse economically. The word busies means a flow of money goods and services even these people are potential workforce for different industries. Right now the price of the avocados rise 34% from the border crossing wait time. The worse are the inhuman circumstances for the people waiting in line, they could be pregnant woman, children, sick people that need they medication on time, they are no public toilets and leaving your car there is unsecured.

A complementary solution to more international points of entry are to place automatic passport check kiosk to help to do the job of border officers and the current international bridges waiting times become shorter almost as fast as jumping the wall. This applies to the South Mexican border too.

It is suggested that the Gov contract with the company that it is making the new McDonals digital interactive order kiosk the name of the company is Dynamics Yield because the current Automated Passport Control (APC) located at the international airports has not been upgraded since 2014-2015

Please correct me if my opinion is wrong with any of this information to further questions ask an immigration lawyer.

Bilateral border lifestyle should not be delayed or interrupt and people who are following the legal path should not be punished so hard with long border crossing wait time of 5 hours by the lack of international bridges and automatic passport control machines.

Update April 07, 2019

More International bridges are needed . EL Paso/ Juarez Population has outgrown the necessities of the bilateral regions the few current international bridges can offer

Is been 21 years since the last bridge was build in the border with El Paso/Ciudad Juarez even with the installation of touch screen for automatic passport control, or new registry for the people form Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala which are the privileged countries for asylum visa. The inefficiencies of the crossing border waiting period remains for the people crossing in their vehicles for legal bilateral purposes and for the trucking industry. The Population in El Paso TX is of 840,410 with a growth rate of 0.39% and Juarez 1 501 552 +1.43%/year. To rehabilitate the economic flow in the border with Mexico the infrastructure of more international bridges along the border would be optimal for the US economic plans with world.

“The United States and Mexico share a 2,000-mile border, a half a trillion dollars in annual trade and 1 million legal border crossings each and every day,” Trump said during his visit to Mexico Aug. 31. “We are united by our support for democracy, a great love for our people and the contributions of millions of Mexican Americans to the United States.”

From the need of Asylum visas in the US granted to privileged countries such Cuba, Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras the Mexico border would need to build more international bridges as well and use the automatic passport control or register screen touch machines to help them speed the process.

Border crossing wall time of 5 minutes vs the bridge wait time of 5 hours is the obvious reason to build more bridges and to instal touchscreen machines for Automatic Passport Control and to help the immigration officers to process the asylum visa petitioners and to maintain the healthy economic bilateral flow at the all borders.

In this video one can see asylum petitioners following the law by surrendering them selves by the foot of the wall instead of doing it inside the US international office to initiate their status process. The officers have to go out on the field to cover this need reason why the international points get short staffed and for the long waiting times at the international bridges.

Even if they adjust the asylum visa program in the US. All the lanes at the international bridges need to be open, we need for more infrastructure for international bridges with touch screen machines to process the bilateral flow at the borders of Canada/US/Mexico/Guatemala since the international bridges serving the legal vehicle/Foot/trucking immigration process are old and outdated.

Updated April 9, 2019

Note; The content on this article its focus on the legal migration and the current inefficiencies of the points of legal entry because the topic of comprehensive immigration reform or illegal immigration it is not the purpose of this article.

People get confuse when they hear open border with illegal immigration, that is wrong and incorrect. Open border in my opinion is open more available lanes at the current bridges, to build more bridges.

Actually, right now they have improvise, if they only allow vehicles too, the flow will be faster not the 120 minutes wait time at 2:00AM because only one or two lanes are open. This Rustic yet functional international point of entry was created out of a need.

This article is looking after the people with legal entry waiting unfairly long hours for lack of infrastructure and short staff. I am watching this video with the flow of people everywhere and makes me think that we live in a world that is a live and the flow of people it is only logical and necessary to prosper.

Developer: The Related Companies L.P. Oxford Properties Group Inc. who made Hudson Yards. Images belong to their owners

How about if Developer: The Related Companies L.P. Oxford Properties Group Inc. who made Hudson Yards would help out build the next series of international bridges to track the way into the future of international commerce.

Update April 21, 2019

Click here to watch the live cam from the international bridges crossing times

I been monitoring the border crossing wait times for the past week and they had done and extraordinary job on lowering the wait time. However, to be realistic and effective we should aim for passenger vehicles wait time to less than 5 minutes as it is right now for pedestrians on the weekends. Also, pedestrian crossing times on school days need to be less than 5 minutes it is only ethical and moral to do so. The solution it is to open the 14 available lanes instead of only 6 at all bridges.

Unfortunately, as we see right now the commercial lanes are closed for staff shortage increasing waiting times. Problem that can be solved with the implementation of technology to assist the available staff.

El Paso – Bridge of the Americas (BOTA) | 24 hrs/day 4/21/2019

Commercial Vehicles
Maximum Lanes: 6
Standard Lanes: Lanes Closed
Fast Lanes: Lanes Closed
Passenger Vehicles
Maximum Lanes: 14
Standard Lanes: At Noon MDT, 60 min, 2 lane(s) open
Readylane: At Noon MDT, 55 min, 4 lane(s) open
Sentri Lanes: N/A
Maximum Lanes: 4
Standard Lanes: At Noon MDT, no delay, 1 lane(s) open
Readylane: Lanes Closed

Yes, the wait times got lower but the cost per crossing got higher now at the Paso del Norte Bridge the passenger vehicles are charged $30 Mexican pesos when it used to be $26 pesos, last month. The funds available for international bridges infrastructure plus technology acquisition to improve crossing time and processing conditions could be calculated.

Hours: 24 Hours

Costs in pesos:

Paso del Norte
Weights Type
Cars 30.00
Motorbikes 15.00
2,3 and 4 axes bus 52.00
2 to 9 axles truck load 52.00
Auxiliary Axle 18.00
Excess axle Load 27.00
Pedestrian 5.00

UPDATE May 30, 2019

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Here is the Podcast

Aqui podras escuchar el podcast en espanol

“Yesterday, Border Patrol agents apprehended the largest group of illegal aliens ever: 1,036 people who illegally crossed the border in El Paso around 4am. Democrats need to stand by our incredible Border Patrol and finally fix the loopholes at our Border!” President Trump3:16 PM – 30 May 2019

“This line of ilegal immigrants are to potentially be processed under the asylum/family privileged category what President Trump new immigration proposal want is to switch the entrance under merit instead. International points of entry and legislation have’t change over 30-50 years legal cross wait times at the bridge are 80 min long, b/c out of 14 lanes are 7 open, these people had to be process in the open because they cant’t fit at the international points of entry. The neck bottle of economy can be fix with more lanes opened, infrastructure, and technology lowering wait times of 5 min.

I agree with economist John Law (1671-1729) who believed that money was only a means of exchange that did not constitute wealth in itself and that national wealth depended on trade.”- Shirley Henderson

In conclusion

us immigration vs canada immigration

“The switch to the 63% of immigration under family to job skill flow will come from all points of the Earth


not just from the South border but it might be more institutionalized than of jumping the walls. Speeding points of entry for legal crossings is our focus #border “- Shirley Henderson

There you have it my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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Actualizacion de Tiempo de espera en los cruces fronterizos por Shirley Henderson Mayo 30, 2019

¿Por qué en una frontera bilateral, los tiempos de cruce deben ser inferiores a 5 minutos? Porque imagine que usted es un trabajador que necesita llegar a tiempo para checar tarjeta de entrada , o tiene una cita con el médico, o un estudiante que tendrá que ir a la escuela durante los próximos 8 años de su vida, cuatro años hasta la escuela secundaria y cuatro años. de la universidad y tiene que agregar el tiempo de cruce de fronteras a su rutina diaria, es simplemente una locura, esta tortura física y psicológica debe detenerse. Es simplemente de sentido común abrir todos los carriles actuales para acelerar el tráfico y construir más puentes internacionales. Debemos apuntar a hacer un mundo mejor para las personas que siguen las reglas que son el futuro del mundo y las personas normales que están contribuyendo en este momento a nuestra economía.

Actualizacion en Mayo 30, 2019

Hola a todos, esta es Shirley Henderson y estás escuchando el Podcast de Sher.El episodio de hoy es una actualización deTiempos de espera en el cruce fronterizos por Shirley Henderson. Para leer el artículo completo vaya a mi blog Muy bien, chicos, vamos a empezar.Ayer, los agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza detuvieron al mayor grupo de extranjeros ilegales: 1,036 personas que cruzaron ilegalmente la frontera en El Paso alrededor de las 4 am. “¡Los demócratas deben apoyar a nuestra increíble Patrulla Fronteriza y finalmente arreglar las lagunas en nuestra Frontera!” President Trump3: 16 PM – 30 de mayo de 2019Esta línea de inmigrantes ilegales posiblemente será procesada bajo la categoría de asilo / familia privilegiada, lo que el presidente Trump quiere que la nueva propuesta de inmigración sea cambiar la entrada por mérito en lugar de la familia como en Canadá.Los puntos de entrada y la legislación  no han cambiado en 30 a 50 años. Los tiempos de espera para cruces legales en el puente tienen una duración de 80 minutos. Teniendo que ser procesados ​​al aire libre, porque no pueden entrar por que no hay espacio en la oficina. Este cuello de botella de economía se puede arreglar con más infraestructura, tecnología y tiempos de espera de 5 min.Estoy de acuerdo con el economista John Law (1671-1729), quien creía que el dinero era solo un medio de intercambio que no constituía riqueza en sí mismo y que la riqueza nacional dependía del comercio.
Aquí está el presidente Trump en un discurso de la nueva propuesta migratoria en el minuto 3: 30-4: 57 del discurso”Nuestra frontera es 100% segura operacionalmente de acuerdo en que la infraestructura física en los puertos de entrada carece de fondos y es inadecuada. Para hacer las actualizaciones, la propuesta creará un fondo fiduciario autosuficiente de seguridad fronteriza. Esto se financiará con tarifas al cruzarlo”. Presidente trumpEl enlace para el video completo está en el blog
El cambio al 63% de la inmigración en estatus familiar al flujo de estatus de habilidades laborales provendrá de todos los puntos de la Tierra, no solo de la frontera sur, sino que podría estar más institucionalizado que saltando las paredes. Acelerar los puntos de entrada para cruces legales es nuestro enfoque #borderTambién revise Capturas de pantalla de la actualización fronteriza legal en tiempo real: 1:17 a.m. y el tiempo de espera es de 80 min, debemos de lograr un tiempo de cruce de  5 minutos. El uso de la tecnología y la apertura de más carriles parece acelerar el flujo económico.- Shirley Henderson

Ahí tienes amigos, mi nombre es Shirley Henderson y quiero verte triunfar en cada área de tu vida. Estoy del lado de la humanidad. Los veo de vuelta.Comparte y suscríbete al boletín y Suscríbete a mi canal de youtube y sígueme en las redes sociales.Gracias de nuevo.


This is future US legal people with a border crossing time wait of 5 minutes by jumping the wall

This is future US legal people with a border crossing time wait of 5 minutes by jumping the wall

This is people with US legal entry with a border crossing wait time of hours.

This is people with US legal entry with a border crossing wait time of hours.

This are truckers who help the economy of the countries flow with a border crossing wait time of 5 to 8 hours

Truckers Face Gridlock at US-Mexico Frontier as Border Agents Moved

Trump Threats Push Up Mexican Avocado Price Most in a Decade

The price of Hass avocados from Michoacan, the heartland of Mexican production, jumped 34 percent on Tuesday, the biggest gain in a decade. Prices, which probably spiked as importers boosted purchases ahead of potential border issues, could double or triple if Trump makes good on his threat, said Roland Fumasi, an analyst at Rabobank. The Mexican Hass price was unchanged on Wednesday.

Automated passport contro demoAutomated passport control (APC) kiosk demo

McDonald’s to Acquire Dynamic Yield, Will Use Decision Technology to Increase Personalization and Improve Customer Experience.

US will cut off aid to Central American countries over asylum seekers

Images used in this article are used for educational purposes and belong to their owners.

In this video one can see the unhappy people at the south border of Mexico and Guatemala for lack of fast immigration registry.

3:38-5:18 min

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