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Shirley Henderson AKA Sher Jun 14, 2015

The human attention span varies from person to person, is alway good to find new ways to improve such a skill.

My two top concentration composers to go to, are Mozart and recently the chill mix of Deadmau5 one day I will find the link between them.

A lot of people struggle with concentration. In a regular basis we are bombarded with information, we are texting, while studying, and scrolling through social media. While trying to analyze, solve problems, and learned new information that we will need to use in a test, or as a reference a future purpose. We need to find ways to optimize our concentration because we need to be functional in the real world with all these new distractors, which convert a five minute task into procrastination.

We need to adapt an evolve our attention capacity and merge our brain with our technology. In my case I listen to Mozart, alpha waves bits, and lately I have found comfort with Deadmau5  chill mix when I need to work hard and concentrate, for long periods of time.

When we need to deliver results inside of an environment where our attention is being pulled away from us, we need to find allies that will help us with on our quest of concentration.

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La capacidad de atención humana varía de persona a persona, siempre es buenos para el encontrar nuevas formas de mejorar esa habilidad.

Mis dos mejores compositores para la concentración, son Mozart y recientemente el chill mix de Deadmau5 un día voy a encontrar el vínculo entre ellos.

Mucha gente lucha con la concentración. En forma regular nos bombardean con información, atendemos mensajes de texto, mientras estudiamos, y nos desplazamos.

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