Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher September 29, 2017

Having in mind that Puerto Rico is an island that was hit by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 living the city uncommunicated for the loss of electricity. The containers arrived by ocean water with supplies, medicine, and perishable goods to be delivered to the communities but the roads are closed for the fallen tree branches and the police and truck drivers have left to help out their families so more truck drivers are being send to the island to help out. The plan is magnificent

but we can make it better making the delivery of the supplies faster.

Communication by land is not as effective right now because there are no electricity therefore no traffic signals making delivery substantially difficult and hazardous.

So we need to approach it differently from a different perspective and for this we need two things.

Remember, that this techniques can be applied The Virgin Islands and in any area of the world who are in need.

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No. 1 We need to deliver the aid by air using small containers that will be dropped with parashoots wrapped all around the boxes to land safe all over the affected areas. This needs to be done in the day time so the people in land can locate where they will be dropping and the airplane needs to make some type of noise, for people to look up to the sky an run towards the dropped boxes because they do not have Internet, or TV and nothing to let them know where the stuff will be located and it will be impossible to do so once the boxes are at land without signals and all the things can go to waste.

Picture by The Economist

No. 2 We can also use drones to deliver medicines, water, or the most urgent and vital things people are needing right now to maintain their lives. The same protocol of delivering in the day time and making lots of noise to bring up the attention of the people.

This will buy more time to establish things and bring back the normality

There you have it, my name is Sher and this is my contribution to humanity to make a better world

Thanks for coming over to my blog, share this content to help out the People in Puerto Rico.

I love you everybody and God Bless America.

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