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This article it might be updated so please come back and check in the future. How to Design DApps and the Decentralized Social Media by Shirley Henderson

I have read books that advice us to delete our social media account without suggesting how to improve it. We never witness so much bulling, insecurity, divorce, depression and violence until we enrolled in social media but we should look at the bride side of social media, it give us a voice and many people all around the world thanks to paying adds was able to make a living in remote locations.

So let’s improve what we have.

One thing is for a fact, no matter how much we dislike or been hurt by social media. It is here to stay and is becoming part of our lives. So we better get used to it and for that regard we should focus on improve it, remove the bad and create something good with that social media has to offer. Which is the new fire pit where the tribe gets together to chat and exchange ideas and look into our futures by telling our every day stories.

1 I think the future of a decentralized social media designed to work in favor of communities not against is to remove what harms such as the like button, number of followers and algorithms that feed of negative interactions.

2 Apply science in centralized social media aims to become people addicted, we should aim in a decentralized social media to apply science to make it productive and beneficial for all not just few.

3 The most important, when we design a DApps claiming to be “more open” please do so not just allowing viewers for paid adds.

4 The ability of a #decentralized world


is what make us fall in love


with the #blockchain. The possibilities are endless as long as we gain freedom, I think we’ll continue to putting in the work and that’s why we #BUILD #shirleyhenderson #sherspoems #shersquotes

Decentralization offers a clear record that we all can see. Therefore in a decentralized socia media that offers little to no incentive to bad actors. Things would have to turn transparent enough that if one is in a centralized social media platform that required to buy likes and followers to be popular that will be a fast way to loos prestige.

Update May 04, 2019

People want to use the same apps they have installed on their smart phones today but with the goal in mind of DApps which is of transparency and to eliminate the intermediary fees .
Such as: Market places for ecommerce
Teaching and education platforms Udemy Materclass
Buy and sell a car and real estate property
Team management apps like Monday
blog type wordpress
Video Karaoke like Smule
Music creator
Music platform like Spotify and Soudcloud
Audio Books like Blinks
Language learning
Photo editors
Video editors
Memes editor
Money expenses tracker
Work match like freelance
social media
video uploads and video conferences
email, text messenger and video calls
car share
Rental car and house

It might be needed a decentralized #DApps Store Imagine the privacy we’ll have in a blockchain search engine and a #browser where we could get paid when opt to watch adds when online. Also, the prices PPC pay per click add can be lower.#shirleyhenderson#shersarticles#blockchain#crypto#searchengine

Let’s not forget website hosting, icloud, domain names that is like super important. In a decentralized service is very expensive, hopefully in a decentralized service it is more affordable the hosting, icloud, and the prices for domain names.

There you have it friends. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your live. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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