Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher January 27, 2020

Here’s the Podcast

If I’m your crush you need to read this! Friends, I think that I know why I’m single. I produce content online sometimes with humans from the opposite sex and that might produce feelings of intimidation on my potential mates. Now let’s look at the facts: Men and women had produce content together since the industrial revolution in the 1800’s and has transcended online the past 20 years because now men and women meet on the cyber world where exist 2.958 of active online users. In conclusion, is been 220 years of men and women producing content together and with the sexual revolution in the 60’s it was clear that the access for mates it was equal.

It’s 2020 and I feel that women are still fighting for equal rights specially when it comes to mating relationships. Things need to change and 2020 is a good date to start. If your mates replaces you is for your lack of effort not because he/she has access to the opposite sex.

That said, if I’m your crush but you feel intimidated for my trace of produced content with the opposite sex all I can say is do your best and forget about the rest because I’m not a cheater but if I don’t see the same effort from your side. I will terminate the relationship because life is short and I deserve to live happy and I LOVE ❤️. Huge thanks ???? to my online content co-creators for all your respect, support and encouragement to keep improving. -Shirley Henderson #shersarticles #shirleyhenderson #shersvideos song What if I told you that I love you by Ali Gatie #love #relationships #selflove#motivation #womensrights

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