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Bradley Ross Coutts The definition of naive person with a lack of experience and judgment. What is worse, lack of experience or lack of judgement? If one makes a mistake for lack of judgment is worse because it can happen for the rest of life and lack of experience well is like one time your fault two times my fault.Uh thinking ???? the sad ???? thing is that if the person is smart can mean careless. ‪
Update: In my book ???? people don’t change why waste time trying to change someone when you can change him/her for someone else. ‬

Bradley Ross Coutts I don’t think we should judge and everyone has some experience. What is important to me is the ability to learn from that experience.

Shirley HendersonBradley Ross Coutts I am starting to value good judgment in a man as a principal value for a relationship because if every step of the way having to wait on a man to gain experience after experience for lack of judgment that sounds like a long and tedious journey.

Bradley Ross CouttsShirley Henderson in relationships I don’t think one should want the other to change. One should either accept the person as is or not at all. The fixer upper relationship never works out in my experience. I would use the word discernment instead of judgement but I do know what you mean.

Shirley Henderson Yeah most definetly discernment and intelligence qualities on a person for me that is super sexy. Because I don’t want a man that request counsel from his family and friends to make every step in life that is so unattractive. I want an independent man and a free thinker. I think I just raised the bar on my relationship partner because before I use to follow Warren Buffet rule to hire someone 1 intelligence, energy and character if one is missing forget about the other 2. But I think with technology and the world improving my rules should upgrade as well if I want to be happy in the long run. My advantage is that I practice celibacy so making a strong assessment it comes easy this way.

I learn from experience a thing ore two about why relationships fail I explain ti on my article h

Shirley Henderson In paper I am in a relationship were never talk, to boyfriend who the last time I saw was for Valentines celebration when he ask to be my boyfriend and that’s it. I know it sucks! And I am not even compiling though, becasue he was my best friend and we eventually texted and see each other once a year but the relationship upgraded to boyfriend. I think I am just thinking ahead.

Bradley Ross CouttsShirley Henderson I’m sorry to hear that. You deserve to be treated like a goddess

Bradley Ross Coutts It’s gonna be ok ♡

Shirley HendersonBradley Ross Coutts Yes it always is

Shirley Henderson I promise I am not complaining I am just thinking and that is always my problem. Like I reader fix the world problems than my own relationship problems because there I am clueless, those are more difficult to solve but never impossible.

Shirley Henderson My intention with this Facebook post is to be transparent with me and him and everybody.

Shirley Henderson And thank you for been such a great spirit to talk to me and I am not mad I am just witnessing my life and been strong enough to see things and call things as they are. Believe me I know the sun will set like every day later on and tomorrow the sun will come up with me or without me. We are all replaceable and forgettable that is why I want to give me the chance to have the best life I can give me and I will.

There you have it friends, my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you for your love and support.

Shirley Henderson

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