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Personal Data Privacy Rights and Monetization Settings for Users On APPS by Shirley Henderson

Today episode is call Personal Data Privacy Rights and Monetization Settings for Users On APPS by Shirley Henderson

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In my opinion the right of privacy and restriction of sharing and tracking of personal data should become a constitutional right. Human development has merged with technology and new boundaries need to become written to stop Applications infringement at will.

When comes to privacy and human rights like FREE SPEECH are not respected by Applications.

The power centralized applications are gaining is compatible to a first world country

Human Data Privacy should become a HUMAM RIGHT. Multimillion fines for violations shouldn’t be operation cost for applications.

Personal Data has a monetary value that should be reimbursed to users, right now data is how applications make profits.

Conclusion: New legislation for Personal Data Privacy Rights. Required setting for monetization of data on applications for users when they allow to share.

Decentralized DApps are well known for the use of monetization on users post such as Cent and others but other softwares are becoming to respect users privacy they do not share the data or track the data without consent and even users can opt in a setting to sell their data at the search engine Brave

This is not legal advise please search for legal services when needed.

Update September 19, 2019

Zuckerberg and Senators social media required to prove not using political bias to filter content. Failing to secure a bias-free audit from the gov would mean a social media platform loses its long-held immunity from legal action, protecting our democracy click here for article from ABCNEWS

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Update References September 19, 2019

Vitalik Buterin on Collusion a must read article link below

My Original Tweet on Sep 13, 2019

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UPDATE October 21, 2019

This article that I wrote is a sequel for this one please read

A Centralized Developer needs to become a Decentralized Developer by Shirley Henderson

Update for References October 21, 2019

Vitalik Buterin’s Take on FREE SPEECH on centralized social media

Read my tweet about my finding about FREE SPEECH on social media Oct 21, 2019

Do you want to know my findings @VitalikButerin regarding FREE SPEECH in centralized social media in this case @instagram that if I talk about A centralized App developer needs to become a decentralized DApp developer my view reach will drop 300+ to 5 @DataBreachClaim#GDPR

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