Author: Shirley Henderson November 27, 2020

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Plan for the coronavirus vaccine distribution in 3 steps by Shirley Henderson

Airlines may contribute to the fight against coronavirus and lowering their prices to help with the distribution of the ready to be distributed coronavirus vaccine. Airlines have been hit hard by the pandemic so it’s on their best interest to help stop the spread of the virus.2 We’ll need refrigerated trailers to unload the vaccines from the plaines since they need special temperatures. They can’t be spoiled after arrival, the entire operation needs to be precise.3 We’ll need a place where the refrigerated trailers can be parked but also can host a large amount of people to be vaccinated with a temperature favorable for the vaccine to remain in good condition.We need to keep in mind that a great effort has been done in order to have the vaccine ready in 10 plus months. So it is a great Responsibility to execute and effective distribution of the vaccine world wide. There’s no chance for errors in this 3 step plan only negligence and poor supervision could spoil this plan.Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice, if you are in need of a medical assistant please seek the service of a professional. There you have it, my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I’m on the side of humankind. See you guys back, subscribe to my YT channel, subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on social media. I love you all.

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Plan de distribución de la vacuna del coronavirus en 3 pasos por Shirley Henderson

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