Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher. June 03, 2016

Sher Lucid Dreaming as Drug Rehabilitation Device

Meditation is used successfully as a mechanism for drug rehabilitation (Alexander, 2010).

I do not see why not people who seek mind altering ways to escape reality may benefit from the use of devices that will mediate lucid dreaming.

In this article we don’t want to get into the questions of why drug users seek mind altering substances methods and experiences that will promote the avoidance of the present moment.

That is a topic for another article.

At this point we don’t want to go into questioning the addictiveness of such a devices. I don’t think that there’s studies out there that can give us the data of how addictive this machines can be, for their users.

With the use of devices which induce lucid dreaming, what we’re trying to do, is to help people who are being dependent of mind altering substances, which brings negative outcomes from using such drugs. This new mechanisms may, or may not allow the person to live a productive life.

The main goal of a drug rehabilitation is to bring back the person, to the real world to function normally by the use of many therapies starting from detoxification. This way the person can regain his/ her lucid train of thought when awake, awareness, and consciousness of real life without the substance in the blood stream.

In my opinion, devices that conduct lucid dreaming will be a viable alternative within the realm of harm reduction therapies, that may, or may not bring the person back into their state of health.

In my opinion there’s more positive outcomes than negative because when the person’s goal is to scape reality with the use of lucid dreaming equipment the person doesn’t have to be intoxicated to do so.

Is not necessary for this article a review on why the person want to scape reality so bad, but just to point out a resource with a lesser degree of harm, for the person to get what they want which is to scape reality while getting their bodies cleaned from drugs.

With the use of this alternative therapy, he/she might be able to retain his job, be less abusive towards the family, plus eliminate some of the deterioration the body takes while consuming the substances to the brain and other important vital organs.

What is attractive about this therapy is that unlike methadone is not something that will maintain the chemical addiction of the body. However, we have to study the negative outcomes of this machines in comparison to other chemical antagonist to measure which technique bring less harm to the brain when we are trying to rehabilitate the person. After having all this points regulated, we might be onto something to help out this populations.

In the future, hopefully these mechanisms are funded by rehabilitation centers as part of the protocol, for recovery.

This article is a made up opinion of Shirley Henderson in regard to the video from the The Atlantic (Adjaka, 2016)

Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice before using any of this lucid dreaming machines please do your due diligence ask a professional and consult with your doctor. This article is not a medical advice in any type or form.

The diagnosis and treatment of medical, or psychiatric disorders requires trained professionals. The information provided in this article as is, for educational purposes only. It should NOT be used as a substitute, for seeking professional help.


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