Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher March 12, 2018

Title Sher on the 3 Elements for a Long Lasting Relationship

I conducted a research to find out if it was a technique to improve long lasting relationships in 2018 hoping technology will give us something new. Unfortunately, we are the same humans as in the beginning of times, we are not less distracted by our gadgets and social media then cave man was mesmerized by fire.

So, the answer remains the same as in the 50’s and for the rest of human longevity. We have to work everyday on our relationship to make it work and here is where we swallow saliva and roll our eyes. There is no short cut to make a relationship work but to work it self, just like any other thing that is important to us.

On the other hand, current relationships live spam got shortened from the seven year itch to a sadly two year and nine months, they blame social media and cheating where some countries cheat more than others. Note, lower rate of cheating is in countries where the legal law is enforced such as US and social law like Israel. Their, solution is to spend more time with your mate like quality time and stuff, even one straight hour will make the cut in some cases. If you ask me, I think the average person needs more attention then one full hour. I would prefer those 60 minutes scared all day in updates of 5 minutes if necessary and probably, you too. So, is more than just given attention but we literally have to fulfill peoples desires of attention. Think about this one. Therefore, the importance of affinity but hey at the end of the day all we need is love, right? Don’t worry, I will give you more as I am thinking about it, as bad as it looks there is a solution to all this chaos. Yes, easy said then done.

N0.1 if we focus our attention that’s how we get things done, right. Remember the 20-80 rule by covering your 60 minutes as you think will work best for you and will delight your mate but please don’t limit to 60 minutes is just an exercise that I come up with. Listen, don’t confuse attention time with sexual time that is completely different game and that is a topic for another article. So, step one done.

N0.2 recurrence just like in business we will get more out of our recurrent customers then try to find new ones. Also, it is super expensive and time consuming, so cut the cheating to improve productivity and stability and financially by cutting unnecessary losses. By the way those couples that survived the birth and childhood years of social media, meaning passed the ten year mark. I have noticed their relationships are stronger then ever. By now, we all know the social media game and we want something real that will last the pass of time.

N0.3 this step is the most necessary one, which I just though about it and it is to look at our mate as he/she is part of ourself, like for real make the relationship a “we” event and not just me and the cute one that I call for one hour a day, you know what I mean? Like he/she is not your trophy, or the thing that you get to fuck with, like the peace of meat that he/she is because I think that is the issue for this social media age, theres so much meet out there that we just don’t care as much, or as we should. Yep. I think that is the real deal and to look at someone as to look at your self, with empathy eyes and commitment. You would not hurt your self, would you? That’s it, I try to keep it as short and sweet as I could. So, there you have it! My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life and I want to leave this world in a better shape than I found it. See you right back!

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