Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher December 15, 2018 

Hi friends, the quest for a decentralized market place has end it. We been cheering for cryptocurrency, we been acclaimed blockchain and decentralization. Like I said my quest for a decentralized zero fee market place to list and no commission fees is called OpenBazar. I saw it a year ago but in my ignorance I was looking for a Shopify, Amazon, eBay type of place because I did not knew the concept of open source I did not knew the length of blockchain and decentralization but now I knew that for that place to exist we have to build it. Thats right my friends and not just the developers but us all. OpenBazar and all the other DApps that will emerge from now on will need to b build on a contribution basis meaning we all have to contribute to something for them to emerge and to be know by everybody, we need to do the network effect and shoppers and sellers need to make a buzz about their experiences on their social  media for this to grow. That’s it guys is time to BUIL I am feeling grateful that we have a place to start from OpenBazaar has a lot of potential. I am curious to see how far it can go and all the functional application will offer. I can think of all the sharing economy apps can be implemented at OpenBazar special jobs listings which will be needed more and more since the machines will take more jobs than people and the centralized job platforms charging fees to get those jobs finally things can get a bit better for the single parents, students, and families. I think this is a great opportunity for us all to come as a community and show what we can produce when we work for the sake goal, which is to help each other. This is my contribution for the ecosystem to bloom, you are useful too, please help us and include other to dod so. If you know a developer who likes to make the world better guide him/her to OpenBazaar or any other DApps that make people life better. There you have it. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back. 

Request to developers: Can we please work on the migration of a shopify store to openbazaar with apps included. Because each Shopify store is renting apps that make the store function, So store owner is chained to some apps from Shopify. I think that by implement the Shopify apps for store owners at Openbazzar stores will be a great accomplishment. Also, the addition of subcategories such as jobs, trip booking and all the sharing economy apps are some of the DAps users will benefit a lot from. Over all the more user friendly the DAps becomes the more people will join and bring more people. We need to use the network effect.

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Disclaimer: Make your due diligence before using your cryptocurrency in any website. 


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