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Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher January 23, 2017

Today episode is titled Sher on a million dollar idea

after a long struggle with apps that required lost of storage capacities to function

I am thinking on an idea to upgrade all the apps from the app store

this request is for developers and coders

the idea is to make all the apps weightless just link the user to the app for purchase purposes but store the app in the icloud, or something to make it work like gotomeeting and yahoo mail does.

Thanks to all other apps such a Facebook who are working all the time in developing a functional platform for its users. This is my contribution to the internet world, lets make it faster and better guys.

Thanks for your attention see you on my next episode, I love you all, send you a kiss.- Sher

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By February 10 2017

I find out that Google Drive is giving us what I was asking for and I am so happy, is the best Valentine’s gift ever!

Thank you Google, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin for listening to my ideas and giving us free and unlimited storage. I love you so much.-Sher

Mentioned in the podcast: Mark Zuckerberg from #Facebook, @noahkagan from @Appsumo, youtuber Piwdepie #icloud #apple #yahoo #appstore, #stevejobs

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