Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher August 28, 2018

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Title: Sher on Become a Firefighter Friend

A great though is to become the person we would want in our lives and here’s is a great concept, I come up with for those moments in life when everybody is going out of our lives. We can become that person who despite the fire and all the people running out he/she rush in to the rescue at those low episodes. To remind us of why we started doing what we love in the first place and it push us to keep creating that idea that we have in our minds. Because some times when we trying to make something new that nobody has done before and people don’t understand us and everybody in your circle only likes you when you are awesome and not so much when things are not that great and every body is like I don’t know you and that should not be that way. No matter what, we should always be for each other not only when things are great. I know you’ll do the same for me and this is why I am making this article. Since, I might know, or I might not know what you are going thru because the internet is this tiny, which is great that is why the internet is open and connected so we can help each other out. So let’s not close our eyes when we see somebody that is love struggling because we are going to pass thru that struggle at some point of our lives. You see in life sometimes we are up but some times we are down, where the humbling lesson happens but some times I it happen early in the developmental phase of life and we need those tools to remind us. Hey, we are all humans and some are stronger than others. This is what I think, we are just visitors in this life where we are just passing thru, we are not staying here forever we are just temporary in this planet Earth. We come to this life to learn from one another, we are here to help each other, and to love. This is why I am here writing this article right now. If you feel that the world is crushing you down and they don’t understand you and you remember me to make you feel better than I am using my time in the right way.

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So just try to focus on the positive and try to do things because that makes you happy and not for the praise and the glory because you would be discourage in those moments where nobody is there for you but the crickets, or even worse when the only one there are the stone throwers, you know? So this is a great moment if you are not being supported and people does not believe in you very much for to start to believe in your self, you believe in your idea because only you can see it in your mind, nobody else can see it but you. So have a plan on that idea, execute and keep going.


I don’t know why the human brain is this way but some times we focus more on the negative than in the positive specially when we are being criticizes because we humans are needy we have to understand that we are raced by our families, they feed us and they protect us and now figurative speaking they cary us on they arms for 100 years and that is for humans now figurative speaking animals are more independent even from birth animals are born and immediately start finding food, they capable to get their on apartments and they pay their bills but humans no humans we are dependent on our families and friends asking all the time “am I doing this right?” Please don’t be the am I doing this right person because is going to be very hard for you in the future. So, we get all that? Okay, then I want to be your firefighter friend and I want you to be the firefighter friend for your friend that right now is not so awesome in his life, or whatever be that person who helps out. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life see you guys back.



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