Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher January, 06 2017

Sher on clean tech

Hi there this is Sher

We are in the beginning of the year 2017 where he rising of fuel is bringing all kids of crime and violence against commerce and peace of civilization because they are standing up against the rise of fuel and stoping the transport of goods to the markets in Mexico. So the solution is not lowering the prices of fuel the solution is having another alternative to gasoline we need more electric cars we need the industries to invest in electric engineering as way of transportation for trucks, cargo vans for the transportation of goods all around the world. People needs to be aware of the options. Investors research on the investment on return in clean tech and search for the right companies to invest such as Tesla, Solar city they know what they are doing. Now marketers need to work with companies that believe in this products to change the perception of consumers to choose this clean tech products and governments are doing great job by giving incentives to companies who support clean tech and even cities are giving tax credits to populations who consume less but as society we need to accelerate our innovation and become more off the grid in a way to buy local to support local vendors, local farmers, and the most important to consume less water and protect more the natural resources and educate the next generations to be more careful to situations like the humans are beings of endless needs in a world of limited resources, in conclusion we need to decrease consumption. I just want to make the final point of thinking that we as human race have graduated from the self help era to enter into the helping-others movement. Thank you to those who are supporting this ideas and the industries, you guys are amazing thanks for your loving donations and for buying my art subscribing to my newsletter, youtube channel, for sharing my content of Facebook and social media. I love you all I send you a kiss.-Sher

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