Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher January 13, 2019

Thank you for telling me the truth, thank you for letting me decide.- Shirley Henderson

Dear future love one. Please speak your mind with me, the gates of communication should remain open forever and please tell me what you think, don’t assume I know everything because I don’t but if you talk to me I can understand your point of view and I will appreciate that. -Shirley

As you guys know I am single but I am been very careful to choose my future partner in life and I noticed on my research that the majority of problems at any scale and shape are about communication. But don’t think that in any relationship the entire problem will be a communication one of course there will be more but it is a good start to solve anything that life bring about I would say. Life is full of challenges couples need to face together but if their level of communication is not alined surprise surprise there would be a massive failure.

The typical problem of communication is when one starts to communicate the relationship problems with coworkers and friends that is a dead sentence for the relationship I made another article about it that talks about how your friends and coworkers break your relationship because they want to get into your pants and so on. here is the link

so not everybody has your relationship in mind for the best outcome so why will you risk that instead talk to your love one and deal with the issue until you can solve it more then likely is a miscommunication problem that would end up with a laugh.

I know that it is hard to stablished a love relationship with an open communication because we tent to asume that our love one can read our minds because is him/her responsibility to know our deepest needs and that is just out-flat unrealistic and kind of sabotaging your game.

The worse is to let go of a perfect person that you are attractive to for lack of communication.

So there you have it friends my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind. see you guys back.

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