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Title: Sher on Decentralized vs Distributed Networks by Shirley Henderson

I saw the need to explain decentralized vs distributed networks after I read on twitter peoples confusion about just wanted to adopt the distributed system as a next step since the infrastructure is already there and Vitalik Buterin Twitted the need for everyone to clear confusion between the two systems. So, your wish is my command. Plus his article The meaning of Decentralization help me to understand all this information.

Lets investigate together why a decentralized system is best?

A distributed system is where many computer networks share data

This collection of users information requires skilled network management to keep it all running reliably.

Distributed networks function by processing the work together to deliver specialized applications to different remote users. This means that an application may be hosted and executed from a single machine but accessed by many others.

An example of a distributed network is a client/server computing architecture

-Where the server is the producer of a resource

-And many interconnected remote users are the consumers who access the application from different networks.

We are clear up to here? Okay, let’s continue.

A Centralized network is when a single entity has control over all the processing subject where attacks and system failures are managed in a single manner.

Distributed is when many computer networks has the control over all the processing subject to attacks and system failures are managed in a plural manner.

Both centralized and distributed collect users information, requires skilled network management to keep it all running reliably.

Whereas “decentralized means that not one single entity has control over all the processing”.

Plus decentralized is attack resistance— decentralized systems are more expensive to attack and destroy or manipulate because they lack sensitive central points.

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In conclusion

distributed means not all the processing of the transactions is done in the same place”, as it happens in the centralized but in many more places. Whereas “decentralized means that not one single entity has control over all the processing”.

A decentralized system is resistant to attacks because they are not centralized or distributed where an attacker can destroy or manipulate because they have a sensitive central points.

For the fact that a decentralized system exist on the blockchain by design is where

no one controls it, no infrastructural central point of failure. However system behaves like a single computer.

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Well there you have it, this is my contribution for the growth, and the implementation of the blockchain. The more clear things are for all developers and users the faster this will be. My name is Shirley Henderson and I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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Hi I was studying Distributed Network as you explained, I realized the graphic need it to be upgraded so I redesign the entire chart order network model as we know it. Please feel free to use it for all your academic needs.


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The Meaning of Decentralization by Vitalik Buterin

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