Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher December 19, 2016

Sher on don’t dropout of school

Is a great idea to be sold to become a millionaires, of course that you have to pay a person to tell you to become a millionaire but not at the price to dropout of school. I will tell you the secret to become a millionaire for free: Work your ass off, study, learn, execute, be responsible, be the most hard working person in the room, arrive early and leave late, don’t complain, get the job done, save and invest! Now, to be able to do this you need to have a structure that only the educational system will give you, if one is not naturally disciplined and wired to accomplish goals without surveillance among other principals such as to learn to respect people.

If we spread the idea that by dropping out of school the outcome will be that instead of making a better educational system and invest into it the effect will be to invest in the correctional system when is to late, for the behavior modification as a society. We have come to far as human race to understand the irresponsibility and limitation of countries who under see humans, for lack of education. Not everybody has the discipline to be a Steve Jobs and few others who are still a live to drop out of college to become a millionaires and to improve humanity in such a positive way. People need to be guided, need to be told what to do what to learn in such extended way that the school curriculum has to be structured in levels of education according to mental maturity. As sad as it seems instead on giving up on our mental limitations we should push harder to finish a college degree with perspectives to become millionaires by giving services and valuable information to our communities and benefit form those things to reimburse our affords but not by cutting off the path of schooling, this tool is a preventive mechanism that society has implemented to keep the people in mental shape to not get distracted by the temptations of leisure and laziness. School is hard and teaches us a great length of principals that not everybody will step up to the test and those who try to cheat the system are spelled out just like those who try to cheat in a relationship, they are cough and push a side. In conclusion we shall have hope on our humanity to say lets become healthy stronger in our mental capacity and discipline enough to accomplish more than our past three generations, we can make more out of our selves. All we can do is try.

Thank you, for visiting my blog. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your live. I send you a kiss, love you!

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