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Sher on Exercising and Depression

Is the time of the year where we see the increase in population at our local gym the promotions in memberships are the reason of luring new members in. Also, The New Year’s resolutions are in great part the reason of why people tend to go to the gym more in the month of January.

We all heard all the benefits of exercise and we still do not do it such as it shapes our body, we feel great because we lose few pounds that we gained during the holidays starting from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s dinners.

Along the fat around our hips we also have gained guilt and now we’re ready to tackle it.

That is a good reason, for people to run to the gym in the first term of the year.

But this article wants to point out the importance of exercising to increase energy so we don’t feel as low with our mood and basically to locate specific exercises that will help us when people are fighting depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

We feel that we fight against our waist line but also we are all fighting the game of life, we are trying to succeed, we’re trying to be the best husband/wife’s, we’re trying to get there first wherever that place is, and now with the Internet our exposure to competition has multiplied by the millions. Our feelings of overwhelm, self-reliance, and goal oriented leave us more confused than on target.

We end up feeling like a looser. When we are comparing ourselves with Olympic athletics and when we are comparing our bodies agains bodybuilders, felling of failure are inevitable.

This article is not addressed to a professional athlete because one might believe that this person has a professional diet, food supplements, a professional routine as well as professional healthcare provider measuring he’s every intake of food and time exposure to exercise machines.

This article goes to the mom, student, general worker, and the average person at the office who is trying to move a little his/her body. Probably, been diagnosed with depression, or who is not feeling as great as when they were teenagers. Even some teenagers these days are suffering from low moods, anxiety, and just don’t have the energy to do the things they need to do everyday, even one common thing such as getting up from the bed could be a struggle, and the idea of going to work it’s a sacrifice.

So because the world does not stop for us, some people might have a regular treatment for depression and anxiety but it is not enough. Studies have shown that when people combine a regular treatment with additional exercise they tend to have more energy (Linden, 2011), to do the things they have to do, to go on with life and to continue moving forward with our goals.

So additional help from ourselves it’s always welcome, yes!

We are not suggesting a routine for you because you need to get a certified trainer for that. What it is suggested in this article is just to get into a Yoga class because it will help your body to relax by helping the the longs to get more oxygen, go as much as you need to and your body allows you to. Always, ask your doctor before attempting any exercise movements. If you’re injured, do not even try, at least we can do breathing exercises which will bring more oxygen in our brain even this will be an advantage.

Another exercise, that will help us improve daily performance and with our brain capacity is lifting weights. Studies have shown that is in relation to the grown of muscle and making more neurons in the brain. Which will help you focus, and become more alert (Rodriguez, N/D). Which by default we want to have more focus and alertness in our jobs, in our school, in every activity we have to prove ourselves, where we have to finish a task, and where we are been constantly tested.

Another thing is that it’s so important that we have a good night sleep, and studies have shown that Pilates (Rodriguez, N/D) help people who’s daily activities have so much stress, and when is bed time, they struggle at fallen asleep. With this technique help them to get better sleep which was always well-received. We all agree that a basic for alertness is a good night sleep, right!

And again we don’t have to, break our bank to going to these classes we can go to our local community gym and just getting in the habit. The first thirty days will be a challenge because we’re not even used to putting on the sneakers, get into those machines, and start working out.

Let’s say that we’re healthy, and we voluntary startling doing it. We should not get overwhelmed, just take things at our own pace, and do as much as we want and we’re able to do. To go by our own standards and capabilities because it’s our body and we can decide, what to do, when to do it, and how much.

Who knows a year from now, what our progress can be with our workout routine but we have to start, somewhere.

So two things, one having the decision to do it, and two by taking action without pressures.

So there you have it

We don’t have to train like a gymnast, heavyweight fighter, or martial arts champion, we just have to, start by putting on those exercise clothes, probably the first day we’ll just going to be walking around through the gym, and looking at all the exercise machines, it’s fine remember is our first day. It will be just fine if you don’t get into any exercise action, In my opinion you already succeeded in getting to the gym, next day, we might want to try the treadmill, and walk for a few minutes, and take it from there

the important is that we are starting to get in the habit to go to the gym and exercise our bodies and get those happy feelings all over our brains.

My name Sher Henderson and I want you to succeed.

I will meet you right here, for my next episode.

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Disclaimer: The diagnosis and treatment of medical or psychiatric disorders requires trained professionals. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. It should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional help.


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