Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher 25th of May, 2017

Sher’s Podcast

Sher on Panda Bear as a Global Wellness

Thanks for coming over to my blog, I had being observing the high rate of suicidal behavior all around the world without using any correlation to depression data with is pretty high among human populations. I will include links for reference on the numbers of the data. What I would like to offer today is an environmental option to promote the wellness among dense population cities. The solution is by the construction of panda bear sanctuaries to the open view of the public so people can watch them play. I will ike to see the statistics of the dropping on depression and anxiety levels among the individuals and children who grow up in this environments. Also, amazing owners, Larry Page and Sergey Brin owners of Google could implement this playground when employees can benefit of the presence of the pandas as an incentive of working with the company. Also, companies who are smaller and does not have a big budget to the maintenance of this beautiful beings can rescue cats and dogs form the local shelters and have spaces designated for play time with the pets. The opportunities are endless for humans and animals to help each other to the point where we can ask, who is rescuing who?- Shirley Henderson

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