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Sher on The Reasons, for Unhappiness.

This article was energized by the acclaimed philosopher Jason Silva in his released Youtube episode of Shots of Awe series titled; Why we are so unhappy?

In his brilliant work, Jason echoes the study on the liking and wanting made by Dr Kent Berridge where he concluded that we humans are insatiable wanting machines, designed to desire.

In my opinion, this concept changes everything, from the way, we do what we do, and why we do it. Everything changes there’s not one single measurement, there’s different scales, different intensities to diverse needs.

Before we continue, let’s talk numbers. Worldwide there are 350 million people diagnosed with depression and just in the US are 16 million adults who registered one major depressive episode in 2012 (Pietrangelo, 2015).

This is what we are against, not just within us, but within everybody else, which is needing, wanting, liking, desires, and motivations, our thoughts and actions will be based in this variables.

The first answers comes from Dr. Demartini when he says that depression is rooted in unrealistic expectations. In my opinion, the solution is not to makes us want less, the solution is into working harder, for what we want and use what we have, to do it. To put up a fight with the competition.

The second answer comes from Charles Darwin who explained the theory of the evolution using the mechanism of natural selection to which lead to the adaptive evolution. Therefore, adaptation.In my opinion the resistance to change is the biggest reason, for the unhappiness in our time. Things will never be like they use to, just like we are not using the typewriter anymore. We have to accept the change and everything that comes with it.

Here, is our arriving point. Just like Charles told us that groups of individual tent to evolve. Which in theory and in practice, it is us the people form the internet, the virtual reality users, we who interact with the computers and cellphones most of our awaken hours, to connect to one another.

This is the evolution Darwin was talking about which happen back in his time, it is happening right now, and it will continue. The better we adapt to this social cybernetic changes with all its virtues and disappointments that we are discovering of our selves and others, the best our chances will be to survive the depression era.

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