Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher January 03, 2017

I was reading the book Elon Musk Tesla, Space X, and the quest for a fantastic future by Ashlee Vance where in my opinion Elon shares my idea of saving the human race, right now he is actively doing so by the use of solar panels and creating electric cars with autopilot system, this ideas and lifestyles will be the foundation for humanity to stay alive and well on planet Earth. I think that to save human race, we need to reprogram our mentality to become more sustainable in a way that our sense of self destruction needs to stop because we are abusing our resources starting from within, we eat to dead we destroy the family unity and starts going out in more destructive behaviors such as , delinquency and so on abusing the animals and nature by wasting and polluting water Exit the problem is great but is not the solution because the way the human spirit is wounded by now that no matter how far we go, the instinct for destruction will be eminent and so all the efforts to scape to another planet because we finished all our resources and we destroyed the Earth just to face the same problem in Mars, or whatever planet we inhabit. Is just like the family who spends x amount of money on vacations to scape the turmoil of the home just to spend x money having the same problems that are deal in a daily basis. I was reading the book of Pope Francis God is mercy and it is pretty dense in a sense that we have to recap the value of mercy and compassion as is teached in the Buddhist practice. We need to let go of dogmas and just take the techniques that work to reform our humanity because if we scape to other planets running away from bad people is not fair for the rest of the population who cannot afford to travel thru space to get away and who are good at heart. Teresa de Calcuta say that peace starts at home and I agree, mothers, fathers take charge of your home environment produce a more kind human being with the children to generate a new and improve set of minds, people that will say no to harm other humans, or the planet. We should not wait on the corrections system to reform our children when is to late and we shall not wait when we finish all our planet resources to try to survive when we can rehab the human spirit right now to take care of Earth. We should become good sells and not viruses to this live organism we call Planet. Thank you for your time and ear, I love you all. 

SECTION 107 All copyright material herein belong to their copyrighted owners. Shirley Henderson does not claim ownership over any copyrighted material. Sher’s theories are base on mere opinion and more research shall be done to be implemented.- Shirley Henderson

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