Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher March 09, 2017

Shirley Henderson article Sher on self awareness from Shirley Henderson on Vimeo.

The More I am involved in the world of the social networks the more I find our selves to get distracted to follow our direction and remember who we really are and what we want. To be goal oriented and define ones sense of purpose has not become more difficult for the bombarded of options we confront our selves on our way to just log in our e-mails to read our social network status, not to mention the annoying notifications which I completely got rid off and is working great for me. I can imagine how difficult this must to be for people who are in the early development of their sense of self because you see right now the self awareness in not with a mirror anymore, right now the self awareness is with an cellphone app that distorts the self image and the brain will get easily confused. How to realize what is true from what is not? In the future this confusion will scale when the VR will be as handy as to use a simple filter but we will talk about that in the future as for right now we need to get to know ourselves to not get lost in the way of surfing the internet.- Shirley Henderson

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