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3 is taking the lead on a decentralized public blockchain technology adoption with the sync of software such as etc to the blockchain Companies interested in offering trust on purchase and services to customers should follow.-

4 I think that all industries will benefit from the adoption of the but items which value decreases in time such as ???? it is urgent that they adopt public blockchain applications on their system of work to prevent fraud in the sales line to protect the customer and brand.

For example since exist many market places that sale use items some times the brands get hurt for instance bad actors in the car industry that change the odometer to sale it for profit and then the buyer finds out with a bad experience for the person who buys the car then he tells his friends and then even when the original car manufacture does not make the fraud it is bad rep for the brand.

Government agencies must encourage the use of the blockchain usage for car titles registry and should prohibit car sales without car history records.

The blockchain tracking mechanism will allow brands to secure the integrity of their products along the line of sales another example are the fake merch that sales on Amazon, Ebay and at the street market. I think that with the block chain the pirate industry will lack expansion and the real brands will increase in value at the end the brands and customers will benefit.

Another example could be real estate records on the blockchain will enhance transparency in sales leaving behind the days where once had to make a clear title search to make sure one would not get stuck on a bad deal if not done the title search. When the Government start using the blockchain at the record office things will run smooth for people trying to buy and sell real state property.

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Update April 24, 2019



I will include just published 16 plus hrs ago that will protect the car history such as odometer reading and maintenance by connecting it to the blockchain using and the

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Right now there’s to facilitate the records of vehicles on the blockchain.

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