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Sher on Solving the Existential Problem

In this paper we will review how Sher solved the existential problem, why we sleep, and why we wake up? As the reasons to solve the existential problem.

When we surrender to our resurrection when we awake and learn to love being birth every morning each day. That is when we conquer the existential dilemma.

Why we fall asleep? I was reading an article where from decades philosophers have asked the same question the answers very, but the one that stick with me. The great French poet and thinker Paul Valéry make his character Monsieur Teste say. Naturally, dreams preoccupied him as much as the daily resurrection of the self. He suggested that dreams might be an attempt to make sense of the body’s passage from sleep to wakefulness (Tallis, 2015).

The word resurrection puzzled me, so if we just woke up, it’s like our little resurrection? After reading this article the concept of sleeping and awakening, has changed forever. In any way, it is you who is in my mind in the event that every morning I am brought back to life.

Now, we go into something deeper. If everyday when we wake up is like a little re-birth, survival per se, even a resurrection don’t you think that life should be lived like if it was an apple and you have to eat the hole thing in one sitting. Like that! ha ha ha, yes?

I feel that this day has more meaning and not just because I can breathe and the Earth orbits around the sun and 1,000,000 miracles need to happen in order, for our entire human species to exist.

But the fact that I understand that everyday when I make it to live another day is a miracle, I just want to grasp more oxygen right now to continue. Let’s digest it, process it, and act upon it by practicing compassion, for one another, and with Ecstasy, for life.

Before we go on with our daily activities, let’s analyze the word awake, to be awaken, from awakening maybe this is the meaning of this whole thing we are talking about becoming conscious of our own existence an to live a life with fulfillment and purpose.

This, life is amazing!

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Thank you, for listening. I love you all.

Disclaimer: Shirley Henderson is not warranting that after reading this article the individual will solve its existential problems. The diagnosis and treatment of medical, or psychiatric disorders requires trained professionals. The information provided in this article as is, for educational purposes only. It should NOT be used as a substitute, for seeking professional help.

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