Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher 10/11/2015

Sher on The Question is What is Your Idea to Change the World in a Positive Way?

Recently, I created a theory titled Sher on options to prevent a human extinction by the hands of the Artificial Intelligence, where I concluded that in order to program AI to become compassionate and kind when taking decisions that will influence the lives of human beings. First, we have to adopt those values our selves in order, for the machines to validate us as genuine, kind, compassionate humans by the time they had reach a mature super intelligence.

Therefore, I came out with a question on what would be our idea on how to change the world in a positive way and my idea was that if we become more loving and caring to one another to the point of becoming each other guardian angels the outcome, for future generations would be a better world to live for. -Sher Henderson

Imagine if this idea becomes a movement!

I used the term angel to fill the attributes of the good, the absence of what it’s bad and harmful to others and one self.

Is a three step process: First love to self, then love to our immediate others, and then love to the world.

There is a saying if we cannot help other at least we should not hurt them. The same principle should be applied to one self.

This is my contribution to the world. I had planted my seed in this virtual ground. Let it flourish and spread like a wild grass all over the Earth, for the good of all human kind.

Thank you, for visiting my blog and please leave your comments on what is your idea to change the world. Let me know what you think.

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I love you all, send you a kiss.

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Posted by Shirley Henderson on Sunday, November 8, 2015

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