Author Shirley Henderson aka Sher November 20, 2018

Title: Sher on The Real Value of the Crypto currency by Shirley Henderson

In this Episode we’ll talk about the crypto currency, the GI I Bill problem, the wild fires and the snow problem is Chicago IL and solutions to solve the miners high electric bill problem that happen this November 2018 listen to the podcast and watch the video. Come backs for updates in the future. Thanks for stoping to my blog friends. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

What is the real value of crypto currency?

I think the real value of the crypto currency is the block chain.

The block chain that brings with it and by default decentralization meaning no centralization, meaning open source.

Disclosure: This is not a financial or legal advice of any kind. Make your own die diligence, this is my sole opinion on the matter according to my research on the internet look under references, everybody can see what’s going on everything is clear, we don’t have to trust each other, everything is there of everybody to see. The ability to exchange services and buy and sell, get jobs, micro payments, life streams, everything. Even when you are going to buy a car you can see the real history of the car, right there in the block chain. Everything like that. That is the real value of crypto currency. I think what happen 2017 with the high prices it served for all to get to know crypto currency. That’s how all got to run that race. We all wanted that value but I think that values in time change for example. In a relationship the first value that we offer is X and then with time we offer a new value because it is a development not a cycle it is an evolution. The crypto currency value it is been reveal to us new things. When we first hear about the crypto currency we didn’t know about the block chain we did’t know about the decentralization aspect and we are learning it and we are falling in love with it. I think that is the real value and in the future we will se more values and we will fall more in love with it.

In other words, theres a problem right now with the Gi Bill which is a payment system for people in the military service, that’s how the get to pay for their school tuition and their food that otherwise they cannot pay. So right now their computer it is broken for few months already and cannot make the new calculations required to make those payments the mathematics to make those payments that old computer cannot make. So how about you are a crypto developer guy and you can solve that problem. Right now I don’t think that any company can call you because any company they don’t know that you can solve that problem. So I think that all you guys need to be your own sales person for your job position, you will not find a job position of Crag’s list because they don’t know what you can do. This is the current solution to the Gi bill, they hire 200 guys to fix the old computer and probably will take them months. They don’t know about the quantum computer that can make calculations beyond comprehension that I not even know. We might not even need that or maybe yes but how about the blockchain and if you know how to solve that problem you can ring the door bell and say hey hello, I can solve that problem how can I help you? How can I offer you my services to solve that problem and like that many more.

I think this is the best time for every developer for every blockchain to go into the main stream and change everything, this is the best moment for developers and blockchains to flip the switch to decentralization.

More than ever we need things to be open source like for example the fires that occurred. For example if the entire fire management protocol was in the block chain they don’t have to rely on the one guy because when he retires nobody knows what to do. When all this process are on the open source and when the new guy arrives he knows what to do.

The same thing that happened in Chicago with the snow this November 2018 the winter took them by surprised people waited parked in the roads for 5 hours because this year they did not put salt on the roads. So we need to open source the protocols to avoid the repeating the cycle of not knowing what to do. Now they don’t know how to do it but if you tell them how to do it we can get to move faster making new discoveries because we already have old things handle and that’s what I think is the real value for the crypto currency, the block chain and the decentralization.

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Also, I think is a great time to be a crypto miner, don’t throw away your equipment yet and if you do but you are a picker go and buy crypto mining machines and take them to New York because they have lower rates for companies that se more than 300 kilowatts  hours, the Crypto mines can benefit from the new rates in the city of New York  for higher consumer industries such as crypto mining. They are offering lower electricity rates to bring immigration to the area, that will make more jobs, to rehabilitate the city.

Everything has a solution guys don’t loose hope on the contrary seek your opportunities be of service, see where are you need it that you know you can help. Like right now I am helping, I am seeing things and I noticed people’s spirits to go low and I say no, I will never tell you where to put your money, I am just telling you what I see. I am not a financial advisor and hopefully this is of service to you. I am being of service to you, right now. Thank you for reading my articles and sharing my content giving me credit, that is awesome of you, good for you and subscribe to my newsletter. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life see you guys back.

Update November 23, 2018

Right now the prices of crypto currency are low and the mining overhead is evident in the intent to survive the industry must to look for better alternatives for electricity consumption, solar power is the best source to keep the crypto mining afloat. In many instances investing in solar panels are a long term benefit but not short term specially right now when miners a losing money by keeping the crypto machines running, this is why I look for the optimal city to set a base plant, a city that already runs 100% with solar power just to arrive an plug in the crypto mining equipment and La Paz Mexico is a the best option.

For crypto miners to not invest in solar panels searching for better electricity rates they can move to La Paz Mexico already has the entire city 100% solar powered. To keep up with the energy needs at night, there’s also an 11 megawatt battery storage capacity.

Also, Georgetown Texas runs energy 100 percent renewable with solar plant. Qualifying roof will get pay to instal solar panels to provide solar power to the city.

Update November 24, 2018

I just make a new podcast and article follow the link to read and watch the video and podcast

Sher on 3 Solutions for the Electricity Problem of Crypto Miners by Shirley Henderson

New Podcast Sher on 3 Solutions for Crypto Miners Electricity Problems by Shirley Henderson

Update on December 09, 2018

I created the term: Function of Value for cryptocurrency- Shirley Henderson ▶️ What Store of Value is for Gold the Function of Value is for Cryptocurrency based on its volatility n blockchain Use the term as you need and please give me the proper credit

Function of Value is the new way to appreciate the blockchain Value of Crypto currency by overlooking the volatility of its price- Shirley Henderson you and everybody can use this terminology for your keynotes and educational purposes.

Sher on Going from Holding to Spending Cryptocurrency by Shirley Henderson ▶️

Update on December 10, 2018 Dr Vitalik Buterin listed the funtionalities of the blockchain in a Tweet please read

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Sher on Decentralized vs Distributed Networks by Shirley Henderson Ft Vitalik Buterin[tt_news]=380&cHash=8bfec23779c0723ac4aca434a4a6d732

Sher on Decentralized vs Distributed Networks by Shirley Henderson

Georgetown’s energy 100 percent renewable with solar plant

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