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Shirley Henderson AKA Sher January 28, 2017

Sher on the secret to a great relationship

The human is not meant to be alone however he/she must to lear to be alone because not everybody stays.

Love is beautiful when is without fear to make the other person stronger, to empower each other

not restrain each other. -Shirley Henderson

However, the most important moment is when the search stops in the perception of the self fulfillment, when we can sit with our selves in the company of anyone and be fulfill. You see, the other person is important to some extent but to give the entire responsibility of once happiness is just unfair, no human shall bear the burden of having the fault for anyones unfulfilled self expectations. So, what do we do? first is to know thyself, then know what you want, and not to settle. After that is the question am I willing to surrender to submit to the other because it takes two to tango, right? If the answer is yes you are half way there because the battle is a daily one but hey every day is the beginning of something beautiful if you find the person of your dreams, so go and do what you have to do and make it worth his/her wile. After a long observation, I remember when president Kennedy said “not ask what your country can do for you but what can you for your country”. In other words, make your mate to go to work, or whatever your partner does thinking, wow! I can wait to come back home, I love him/her I am so lucky! Be the boyfriend/ husband you wanted to have if you were a girlfriend, or a wife and vice versa, that is the mentality and do that every day. I think this exercise will have a high rate of success on relationships. So there you have it. My name s Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every aspect of your life. I will meet you back in my next episode. I love you all, I send you a kiss and stay connected.

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