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Sher’s new Decentralized Network Model by Shirley Henderson

Hello everybody is 4:31 AM but I had to finish this new Decentralized Network Model

Every since I study to wri te my article Sher on Decentralized vs Distributed Networks by Shirley Henderson Ft Vitalik Buterin 

I realized the graphic need it an upgrade so I modified the entire chart as we know it from the sequence order and of course the diagrams where I illustrate my vision of what I learned from Vitalik Buterin on his article The Meaning of Decentralization. I believe the three networks can grow infinite this is the root 2D image but this can be used in a 3D model with movement and even distortions, and colors. The differences in dimensions represent the distance you see them bigger because they are close to the sight and small because they are far away, or even with low internet frequency as with radio transmission transactions in the blockchain.

Please read my previous article Sher on DApps vs XApps by Shirley Henderson 

There you have it from now on this chart can be used to educate anyone who is interested in learning about computer networks such as centralized, distributed, and decentralized in a more visual manner. This is my contribution to the growth of the blockchain implementation. Please use proper citation to give me credit. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed, I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.


This is the chart as it was introduced to me to learn the networks

This was the first modification to the Distributed Networks

Now is the complete and upgraded chart for the Networks

In conclusion

“I will tell you what a decentralized system is!  By telling you what is not. A decentralized system it is not a centralized and it’s not a distributed network.

How can you tell when a decentralized system is real? When it works on the blockchain because that system by default operates without the control of a single entity.

Sher’s Network Category Formula by Shirley Henderson

I invented a formula to clarify a network system and to distinguish them from one another use my formula to place a network on the right category from acentralized, distributed and decentralized network system




In other words to distinguish a centralized network from a real decentralized one is simple if it works on the block chain without a doubt is a decentralized one because by default the network operates without a single point of failure even when it operates as one computer.”- Shirley Henderson

Please use proper citation giving my rightful credit to my Sher’s Network model chart, Sher’s Category Network Formula and definitions by Shirley Henderson from

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Shirley Henderson and I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back

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article Sher on DApps vs XApps by Shirley Henderson 

Sher on Decentralized vs Distributed Networks by Shirley Henderson Ft Vitalik Buterin

Update August 18, 2019

August 16, 2019

Hi Friends, happy to announce that my theory where I predicted how would it look a decentralized network on a 3d motion pic based on the 2D Sher’s network model that i designed in October 2018 is been confirmed by Preston Van Loop on August 2019.- Shirley Henderson

“1 year ago, we forked from go-ethereum into a clean slate. When we started Prysm, it was a subdirectory in a fork of geth. As time went on, we realized Prysm would be very difficult to merge back into geth so we forked! Look at the last 20mo of merged PRs building ETH 2”- Preston Van Loop.

“In October 2018 I designed The Sher’s Network Models by Shirley Henderson Now we have a visual of a decentralized network in 3D Motion. Just as I imagine it, thanks for sharing it

. I’ll include your video on the resources at my article 

@VitalikButerinand friends,
@preston_vanloon blockchain 20 mo sequence prediction on how would it look a 3D motion pic of a #decentralized #network Thanks everybody for their hard work, let’s keep going. They call us the dreamers yet we’re the ones that never sleep.
– Shirley Henderson

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