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Author. Shirley Henderson AKA Sher October 14, 2015 7:34 PM MT Sher’s options on solving the massive migration issue. The reason why people migrate from their place of origin is the survival instinct, which push them to look elsewhere, for a better life when facing the lack of opportunities to progress the limited access to human rights, safety and shelter. The temporary solutions to massive migrations in the present is by allowing people to enter safer countries an to have a sustainable life style. Is by giving opportunities and resources to people and communities around the world where they reside, to make it a permanent solution to the massive migration issue. The only way to obtain this is with the power of the internet by making the world more open and connected. Internet.org is making this possible by giving people in remote areas access to communication like never before, transformation, innovation, and the upgrade of society is becoming mainstream right now. People will be no longer secluded, restricted from making their own research and having their own conclusions to find viable ways to reach their dreams, whether education, e-commerce, artistic, graphic, expression, health and law regulation. Mark Zuckerberg is empowering the world by connecting us thru the internet. The possibilities are borderless. It will be up to us to make the world we always wanted to be. It is no longer a dream is a reality. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. There’s a few ingredients, that comes within the human element, that the next generation needs to expand, for greater things to happen. The human being in it’s full potentiality exercises the behaviors of empathy, compassion, tolerance, generosity, and respect. When the next generation implement these values in conjunction to obtain his wants and desires the world will flourish exponentially. Let’s witness an experience the world that the kids can make by using the platform we know as the internet. While having your attention I would like to share my point of view on how this change is plausible for us to make this evolution jump as a civilization. What I have noticed is the empathy and love of the people from the internet. I have witness how we help one another, the sharing of information, the sharing of wisdom has grown like never before. Our families have grown, we no longer have few people to look after us we have each other backs on places like Facebook groups. Our entire Facebook community are builded of people who care, for one another, and now with the gift from Facebook reactions where we can express our emotions such as the regular like, now we have love, happiness, laughter, joy wow, sad, and angry. I think that positively Facebook achieved to make a world open and connected. This is a great moment let’s make it even better Thank you for your love donations with promote the free content form my blog. Sherwork.com And thank you for sharing my articles, with your social-media friends. I love you and I meet you right here.

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   Thanks to Facebook Internet.org is creating an equal opportunity progress. https://youtu.be/OA4BP0Hi1HA facebook-icon-logo-vector



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