Author : Shirley Henderson AKA Sher May 01, 2016

Sher’s Poem Amnesia

If you had a super power it would be to give momentary amnesia because when I am with you 

I forget about the world, or anything. 

when I am with you the entire Universe goes away

is like nothing else exist.

I only have eyes and ears for you.

In a moment you become all that is magical

and that’s what love is, this is what people crave

and cannot have and if they do they loose it because 

when they have it, they take it for grant it.

Even when I know that love comes from within us,

once in a life time some person will return the favor of true love

that is the difficult part to find, that is the treasure,one can love multiple times but until when one can be reciprocated that is winning the

lotto ticket of true love. 

-Shirley Henderson

The sweetest taste of love is when you are being loved back

I think that is important to love somebody and one can love a person all that we want but if that person does not love us back there is nothing that one can do because we cannot buy love, 

one can either let go, or bleed little by little and witness that love die in agony.

If we ask Sienfeld for advise he will tell us to breakup like removing a band aid, in one motion, right off! Unfortunately, is never that easy, or that fast to diagnose that you are not being loved back the same way you love the other person until you get hurt. 

Music that I am listening to while writing  Deadmau5 ft. Grabbitz – Blood For The Bloodgoat

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