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Author; Shirley Henderson AKA Sher September 22, 2015. 1:07 AM MT

Sher’s Poem Infinite Loop.

We might not be able to save each other from life inevitable decayed and death, but at least in our journey to the assured, we will be doze off by our love and we will expire happily.

Let’s not be afraid of death, we might not even realize that we are dead because in our infinite consciousness we are together.

How do we know if reincarnation exist? maybe, from the fact that we are here, you and me because we already have crossed and we find each other once again.

Every time we face immortality we sure rest on the possibilities of the after life, which is always available. We might find each other in the other side wherever that may be, in an infinite loop.

Please don’t’ wake me up, from this lucid dream.

-Sher Henderson

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