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Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher October 06, 2015.

Sher’s Poem Named Momentum

I am in the contemplation of this peace (security, happiness, awareness, in-love) Thank you.

For some reason, I feel like I jumped from on tectonic plate to another. My feet stand strong. I know where I am going, I know what I want. You gave me this sense of peace from the beginning, it is you that I know, it is you that I love.

I keep seeing thru your eyes, this world that I never saw before, this love. It is your voice that I follow, it is you.

We are, this momentum.

-Sher Henderson

I am listening to this wonderful music while I am in the flow zone.

Indulge In Kygo – ‘Best of’ Mix 2015

sher pluto

This is what I have learned. When falling in love one must expect the truth, which is the good, and the bad that entails. -Sher Henderson