Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher April 24th 2017

Hi friends I will like to thank you all for reading and sharing my content you guys are amazing and you know it.

Thanks for your donations and for your online purchases to my art in the different presentations such as t-shirts banners and framed art etc. I love you all.- Sher

Sher’s Poem The Journey #1

A happy day for love is when at the end of your tourney you return to the place you started from and being loved just like when you first meet.-Shirley Henderson

Sher’s Poem and Art The Journey #2

Is true that you will find diamonds on your own back yard but you have to be willing to search.-Shirley Henderson

Shr’s Art and Poem The Journey #3

It is true that the grass looks greener from the other side of the fence Specially when you are looking at your own lawn from the other side of the fence.-Shirley Henderson

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