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Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher 02/18/2016

Sher’s Theory for Everlasting Love

Recently I read and article done by The Atlantic

where they showcase the scientific findings which concluded that everlasting love does not exist but not everything is lost because the lifetime of love recedes within a micro-moment of positive resonance.

The intention of this article is to go around the scientific data into unlock the human potentially,for the so dreamed and hope for-everlasting love.

My theory is simple by mending together multiple micro moments of positive resonance and make us many are necessary, to fulfill a lifetime.

What Fredrickson calls a “micro-moment of positivity resonance.” Meaning that love is a connection, characterized by a flood of positive emotions, which you share with another person (Smith, 2013). In fact any person can give you these micro moment of positive resonance. I don’t want to going into detail with this but we can have an idea by reading my article Sher’s theory of monogamy in the future. I just want to keep this article focused on a ordinary monogamous romantic relationship.

So if you ask me how can I make any of these moments happen? The short and painless answer is what it’s not: And is all ugly things that kill relationships such as being deceitful, cheating, forgetting important stuff, not committed to the relationship, emotional and physical abuse, stealing, talking badly about your partner behind their backs, all the things you don’t like people do you, that is exactly what we will not do to promote the health of the relationship. In another words, by creating the right environment for the relationship to flourish and that is by making random acts of kindness towards your partner, and by exercising compassion, listening, and becoming 200% accountable, for our side of the relationship.


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