Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher October 28, 2017

Title: Sher’s Theory of Ending the world’s Traffic for FREE

Hi there, this is Sher I come up with the solution to end traffic which is one of the biggest problems in the world because in big cities we are not ridding on the traffic we are literally parking in the traffic spending none recoverable time. According to a Business Insider article a person living in an average USA city spends 42 hours in traffic per year and $1,400 in gas and everybody can do what they please with their time and money but I am thinking in one person in specific whose time is extra valuable because he is making this planet better for all of us in his life time and his name is Elon Musk and I know this issue is a concern for him since he is building tunnels to speed our time of transporting our selves from point A to B even putting his rockets to our service in a near future to shorten the time would take to travel across the world and we should be very grateful to him for wanting to transform our lives and we will live to see it. Is my intention to help his purpose. No. One, the process will be free of charge because the main material will be the “time”. By utilizing the time as a resource to alleviate the traffic jams every day at the pick of the day in the morning and at the evening when all the people live their houses at the same time to arrive to their respective destinations putting our lives at risk in parts of the world where the transit laws are not well respected. No. two, we need to split the city in four parts using North, South, East, and West. No. Three, we need to have a massive collaboration to make this work because schools and work need to be coordinated to move the parts of the city according to the new schedule. For example we can use the sun rise light and move the flow of the traffic according to the Earths rotation cycle. So we begin the motion from the south part of the city at 7 am and South East at 8 am and North part at 9 am and North West and 10 am and like wise at the end of the work shift. Now, lets have in consideration that at in an industry that the workflow is by using the Ford production line process not everybody start working at the same time because the people at the end of the production line is weating to finish x part of the assembly line to continue so this people can arrive to work 1 hour later of course they will leave work one hour later plus we are paying this employee for work time not just to show up time. There you have it. This is my contribution to the world but please be grateful to Elon Musk because this is my personal gift to him, I designed this theory to complement his already great solution to the traffic problem. My name is Sher and I want to see you succeed in every aspect of your life. See you on the next episode.

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