Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher December 26, 2018

Hi Friends, before Christmas at the location where I was staying for a period of three days I was with low Internet connection in all my devices even other cellphones with different internet service carriers. So it got me thinking that crypto needs to become independent for the internet. What if I was a crypto miner or my business was having a crypto wallet service or something like that. So we need to take preventive measurements plus the idea of free internet it would be something that would benefit many companies that are working online. It would represent a huge savings.

The question is how? One thing is to have in mind that this project would be one by and org corp because is for none profit but like I say online retailers and business that function online can build this decentralized the internet faster for the good of all.

First option is a regular internet wireless service network but decentralized, second using dile up and third a radio frequency. I don’t know the techniques of this but the engineers can get it done. but always needs to remain open source so in the future can become even better as the technology keeps improving like faster and less resources and equipment.

That’s it guys, there you have it. My name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life, I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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Sher’s Theory of Free Internet by Shirley Henderson. Companies & Gov’s that benefit from free internet may help create a free internet decentralize open source service distribution for all, faster.- Shirley Henderson #freeinternetforall#ShirleyHenderson 

Sher’s Theory of Free Internet by Shirley Henderson Companies & Gov’s that benefit from free internet may help create a free internet decentralize open source service distribution for all, faster- Shirley Henderson #freeinternetforall#ShirleyHenderson

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WiMax, also known as 802.16, looks to combine the benefits of broadband and wireless. WiMax will provide high-speed wireless Internet over very long distances and will most likely provide access to large areas such as cities.

Update December 29, 2018

Search engines, operation system, social media, video games, computer and cellphone manufactures, online retail and entertainment companies could join to create a decentralized internet for all, they would be the first to be benefited from people access to free internet.-Shirley Henderson Read my article Sher’s Theory On Free Internet by Shirley Henderson ▶ ️ @shirley.henderson#shirleyhenderson #shersarticles #sherstheories #sherwork #freeinternet #decentralization #freeinternet #decentralizedinternet
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