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The title of today’s topic is call Sher’s theory of human species into cyborg.

After making a research on the evolution of human spices and after a defeated attempt for progress in the genetic arena even when we have achieve the secuancing of the human genome still far from reality by the necessary introduction to some type of advancement from our human evolution.

My idea was located after reading an article where it was stated the use of microchips clinically in patients with Alzheimer disease, which will help them to stop the development of the illness with the brain implant. So if this is use for people with some type of mental disability to maintain a norma function would not be possible to use it with normal humans as means, for improvement since our natural selection is not performing as our current need because we are competing with smart phones and computers the reflection of our acknowledgment of inadequacy is being shown in the large amount of people with anxiety and depression we are not capable of doing what it is required to do and that make us sad. Of course this would need more research and experimentation in order to be applied into the general public

I think that as early into the life spam would be the best because it takes to long for a human to become independent, 16 to 18 years old is to long compared to the animal kingdom to reach maturity with one of the longest as with bears is one year. I know this sound so hard for the empty nesters but in reality humans we need to use all that we can at our disposal to become more productive and efficient as our fellow computers even if this means that we have to accept the idea of becoming cyborgs. Even when we will not survive as human species at least the machines will in-heritage a trail of human potential.

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Disclosure: Sher’s theory is a mere opinion not a medical advice.

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