Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher September 07, 2016.

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Sher’s theory of the alternative DNA design

I was watching a video produced by Jason Silva call Do we Have Free Will? and doing some research where I learned that, scientists Feng Zhang & Jennifer Doudna from Doudna Lab

will combining gene editing with gene drives, so-called selfish genes that appear more frequently in offspring than normal genes, which have about a 50-50 chance of being passed on. With gene drives so named because they drive a gene through a population researchers just have to slip a new gene into a drive system and let nature take care of the rest. Subsequent generations of whatever species we choose to modify such as frogs, weeds, mosquitoes will have more and more individuals with that gene until, eventually, it’s everywhere (De Chant T., & Nelsen E., 2014).

This make me think on my theory of the alternative DNA design, which consist in saying that x DNA is push in to an environment + to be led in to x direction + to promote x behavior = to create x biological alteration.- Shirley Henderson

Yes the theory of nurture vs nature will apply as reference, even more as a remark, for the subsequence result. Because we are not limiting our selves with what we can end up but with what we can have regarding DNA structure by using DNA engineering.

As fascinating as may be still far from us, technologically speaking, so we have to think into a more alternative way of self-modification because from the genome particles of the human being this is how the influence is born, we don’t think that once the human being in his concluded form is placed in a new environment, the same influence will determine his outcome, his modification his development, his reactions.

His potential and his delivery of opportunities will be incubated depending on his environment so if we move the individual to a different atmosphere let’s say a better education system, a better and more compassionate set of ideas and behaviors, his bio-product will be his life.

We listen to the masters of coaching telling us change your thoughts change your life but we have to review the addiction recovery treatment and the importance that it is to move the person in rehabilitation to a safer place, a rehabilitation center where he will stay, for x amount of days to transform his life course where he would learn new life techniques and life skills and communication but the action of send him over to this new treatment facility is what the DNA does, for the course of action to be taken, destination, + environment = outcome, life skills educational, behavioral change, and DNA modification.

Question: Will the DNA of the person in rehabilitation changes after the detox and treatment? May be plausible, biological test may be required to prove it.

In my opinion, than if this self explanatory example serves as motivator, for the search to a better environment of living to increase wellness in the physical and emotional aspect, than measurements should be taken as a health prevention tool.

Depending on the lifestyle that you want. We need to place our selves into that desired environment. We should not wait for the things to change by themselves we have the method to alter anything, we must need to know what we want first.

The ultimate behavioral modification is DNA engineering. The alteration of the DNA when we change our environment either positive, or negative is clear by the experiment made by Dr Masaru Emoto, when he exposed water to negative and positive feedback. The negative feedback will deter the constitution of the water molecules as opposed to the water who was exposed to the positive feedback it will enhance its constitution.

Question: When our bodies are composed by 60% of water would not be the same outcome to our bodies when we are exposed to negative feed back? Yes, therefore we should not joke about to place our selves into positive, or negative experiences because that will determine our wellness, or lack of it.

My names is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every aspect of your life. Thank you for reading. Meet you back in the next article, or blog post, I send you a kiss.

Disclosure: This is not a medical advice, this is a personal opinion of Shirley Henderson, please seek medical attention when need it.

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