Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher  May 06, 2016

In this video, I try to make us feel from the point of view of an ‪#‎AI‬ companion. -Shirley Henderson

Sher’s theory on AI as companions

The way for human beings to transcend harmoniously will be to cynergeticly melt one another, man, and machine -Shirley Henderson

Let’s say that the person dies but his/her consciousness is uploaded in to a software and put in to a robot body. That way the person can keep on living. I consider This is the new evolution of human beings. we should not be surprised to interact or have dependable relationships with AI even romantic and friendly ones with robots in the future.

it might be an important part of the humans wellbeing in the cognitive, emotional, and social aspect.

My name is Shirley henderson thanks for reading.

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Sher’s Robot Friend

Making robotic limbs should not be so expensive, or complicated. Check it out in the following video a man who make his own bionic arm with tips from the Internet.

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