Author: Shirley Henderson AKA Sher December 28, 2015

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When we feel the touch of our lover, is not his/her hand that we feel, is the sensation on our on body receiving the touch. This meas that the love that we are feeling comes from within us, the emotion, the high, is us because it comes from within us. The flow of the love comes from us.

Is never from the outside. This is why we are able to fall in love over and over again. With different people.

We fear losing our love-one because we think that without him there is no me and without her is no you.

When feeling love, there is no outside, it never is. I do not think that the human is evolutionized enough to comprehend inside and out-side yet when it comes to love. Yes, you look your reflection in the mirror and that is self awareness but that alone will not help us to understand the consciousness (The economist, 2015), the unity, separation, or where does the love that I am enjoying right now comes from, and why at some point is not there anymore.

My theory relies in the feeling, the sensation of love that you have, even when your love-one is not there physically with you, and you still have all the side effects of being in-love, you are happy, you are more pleasant to your self and others, more generous, and we have the life pink filters people in love seems to have. So if the object of affection is not there present with us and we are still felling the bubbly feeling then, where is the source? That’s where I become suspicious to think that is not them, but us.

One may ask, what about memory? The lovy, lovy feeling comes from memories of us with our love mates. In part yes, but not in whole, we can not relied on memory alone (Noggin,2015), for feeling such a pleasurable feeling of being in love because it is proven that we can only concentrate on one thing at the time and we do not have as much as memory storage as a computer does.

But hey, if memory serve as the vehicle for the love feeling should we invest more in experiencing more positive moments with our mates? Yes, we can hack love then by changing behavior, changing perspective and investing in experiences (Cassano, 2015), to have the result of good memories that will serve us as a life support to be in the state of love in the absence of our object of affection.

The feeling of love does not teach us when you begin and when I start.

We will be confused this is why the heart break in a separation, the brain thinks he is being amputated of him self.

After learning this information the pain after a breakup also know as the broken heart syndrome is inevitable because the body suffers an injury specifically in the heart is call a stress-induced cardiomyopathy (American Heart Association. 2015). Where sometimes people after a breakup would need medical attention and some people even die from heartbreak (Weir, 2015), but when survived the suffering is optional of course dealing with the rehabilitation of the breakup is another topic which needs it own space and time.

So there you have it.

All I can do is to swallow in the acceptance to realize that once we open our heart to somebody we are expose to pain as well as pleasure. The risk of heartbreak will always be there but when we know that we are the source of love is a reassurance to jump and enjoy the ride as well as having the courage to jump off the boat when need it.

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