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The Exodus of the Quarantine Lovers by Shirley Henderson.

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The exodus of the quarantine lovers by Shirley Henderson

Alright, guys let’s get started. Well, from the beginning of the quarantine

Well, from the beginning of the quarantine

I wrote an article that says be aware of

what’s gonna happen with the

quarantine you’re gonna get played if you

start texting with someone that you

don’t know and then you make contact in those

applications. Well, much of that did happen and now a lot of people

are crying on their bedrooms they’re

unable to get out of bed absolutely

in depression and heartbroken because

they open up entirely like in the most

vulnerable time of their existence on

the quarantine of COVID19 the time when everybody

is dying outside and they

were finding some type of refuge on

somebody’s texting where they were imagining

a future life together that never

happened because at the end of the

quarantine as we are seeing as we’re witnessing how many of

you got played I cannot tell you how

many times because we don’t have the

data but the person that you care the


ghosted you like you never been ghosted

before. You don’t understand why they’re

not replying to you, why they’re not even


an explanation of why you don’t deserve a

a line that says you’re not enough saying, I don’t

want to talk to you anymore I don’t want- please stop

calling me!

You don’t even deserve that right now

and that is why your sense of anger it’s

from 0 from before quarantine and

COVID19 to 10 post quarantine. This is the outcome

that I am afraid of before people were

afraid of open up their hearts and get

into relationships because of fear of

getting hurt and these people that open

their hearts in the most vulnerable time

which was during quarantine for COVID19 -2020

the biggest pandemic of all times on our

lifetime and they are getting ghosted,

they’re getting rejected, and they’re getting

abandoned. All those feelings are the

bitterness, the pain, that scare, the fear

whatever these people will

become more bitter and they will not give a

chance to love in the future. Do we

understand this conversation? So, what is

going to happen? Okay,

well these people who got rejected which by

the way, my group of individuals who were

in contact with my last episode of my

podcast they’re fine. I want to say this.

I’m talking about people who probably

didn’t have this information or people

who did not believe in the content of

that previous podcast and I’m going to

tell you this. We all suffer the

the temptation, we all went through it all, my

group that follow me, we were

fighting not to talk with our ex. I even make a

podcast about that how not to go back to

your ex on for Valentine’s and then the

quarantine it was hard because we were

afraid we were lonely we were very

vulnerable but we were strong because we

were together we make a big chain of

strain to have each other’s back and we

we made it through the worst time ever

and I want to thank you for being there

for me in those weekend moments so what

is gonna happen okay well what we can do

is this you already been broken your Rea

being rejected or already been gold

state horrible well this person that

play you probably play more people let’s

say ten people for being minimum and

probably that other person was playing

another ten people so it’s like a virus

very much look we’re gonna we’re gonna

treat this cheating thing like a virus

so more than likely if you are the

weakest link on that chain of cheating

they’re gonna try to get you back once

that other relationship didn’t work out

they’re gonna try to get you back

because you are weak and that’s the part

that I need you to pay a lot of

attention because if you go back there

oh my god that is gonna hurt even twice

as much and you don’t want to go there

if they have the courage not to talk to

you of the time you need them the most

which was at the end of the quarantine

at the end of the lockdown and we even

know right now we’re not out of the

danger of the covet and they’re

coronavirus and we still need to

preserve ourselves in our health and you

were risking yourself just to meet these

people to meet with these people and

then they

their lives to meet with other people

and they choose them instead of you I’m

sorry to say that but it’s the truth and

that’s why you’re here because we want

to hear the truth even when it’s painful

right and I’m not gonna they’re already

view outside I just don’t want

to see you suffer anymore it

kills me.

Well, it doesn’t kill me because I’m not

gonna die but it hurts me to see you

suffer so I just need you to be strong right now since you weren’t

strong the first time when we talk about

don’t fall for the quarantine texting

and you did and now you’re hurt but I’m

telling you this if you go back,

because she or he is gonna try to get you back

again. I need to tell you

this. Is gonna be worse. So what do you do?

Just put your mind into something that you like, if you like gardening go

back to gardening, if you like cooking go

back to cooking, if you like to workout.

You need to put your mind into something

that you weren’t before you find this

refuge. You use this person as some type

of a method for you to keep you calm

during quarantine and Okay let’s talk

about this, for a moment we’re not gonna

demonize that other person that gives you

their time because they also give you

their time to you when you needed them, you

were weak and you fail and you need to

be accountable for your actions. get it?

Anyways, you were warned is gonna hurt

and you did it anyway, right? Yes or no?

Yes, so this time is going to

be even harder because it’s like when

you were building your self-esteem,

in your world building your character

and you were finding yourself and boom

you got crushed you need to start all over

again. You need to get up just like every

fighter. Remember, it’s not how much you

give punches but how many punches you

take when you’re fighting and “That’s

life”. So, we are going thru

the same thing, this

quarantined and pandemic it’s bringing

out the best and the worst of people and

we have to keep moving forward with life

with our goals with our dreams with our

life expectations and we still need to

make a new concept of what love is

post-pandemic and the exodus of the quarantine lovers.

I hear you saying, how can you be in love with someone you never get to meet? I give it all and still was not enough for you to leave.

When the 2020 quarantine was over a lot of people were ghosted

one again by their exes so that’s even

worse. Why did it happen? I don’t know I

don’t have that explanation,

or the explanations of it is that there were so

many people with was so much time

you know. Anyway, you need to go back to do something that you like to

put your mind into it. On the other hand, those of us who were strong to keep going, we’re keeping our minds busy to stay all right.

There you have it, friends my name is

Shirley Henderson and I want to see you

succeed in every area of your life I am

on the side of humankind and see you

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and I love you all.

Disclosure: This are my opinions and not a profesional advice.

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