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Hi Friends, I feel optimistic to say that based on the existing data from the pandemic of 1918

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We can fight back to this Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 but we will need the support of the entire planet Earth I was reading Ray Dalio Tweeter feed and he agrees with my sentiment of having a team mentality will help us have a good outcome at the end of this pandemic. Here are his words.

I believe that after the coronavirus subsides we will begin to talk about how we will pay the multi-trillion-dollar bill for the stimulus package and who should get what in this new world order. (1/3)
That will be a defining moment because we will then see if we can do it with mutual consideration and sacrifice—or if we can’t and will fight instead. If we can do it together smartly with consideration, it will be great. (2/3)
If we can’t, it will be terrible. Here’s a brief clip from a recent interview I did on
#TEDConnects in which I explain my thinking. (3/3)
I found a correlation between the Pandemic of1918 following the Great Depression of 1929 vs The COVID19 pandemic of2020 and the economic depression of 2020 here’s the graphics of the market. We could do better we have the data to our advantage
1 How can we improve the outcome of the pandemic in economic terms = economic decline. How can we got out of this mess? I see 1 advantage= data and 1 disadvantaged = globalization Pandemics in 1918 were contained in one city vs pandemics in 2020 are contained globally

2 Using data in our favor on April 07, 2020 I wrote The Mask Order During an Epidemic/Pandemic by Shirley Henderson In 1918 ppl wear mask voluntarily Face with medical mask after 2 months ppl give up the mask and social distancing falling into the worse second wave of outbreak extending use of mask

3 On March 27, 2020 I wrote The Law of Quarantine by Shirley Henderson countries like Japan started using mask and social distancing but now they fall on the second wave. We learned China had a quarantine of 70 days w/ mandatory use of mask Face with medical mask during and after Social distance

4 We must have a quarantine lockdown with a continuation of the use of the mask Face with medical mask plus social distancing for a period of 30 days total pandemic protocol of 70 days as an experimental basis b/c if we break the use mask it could extend for up to 8 months & hurting the economy

5 Conclusion to skip the worse economic crisis on record and a lockdown that can be prolonged we must use the mask Face with medical mask none stop from 70-90 days from epidemic/pandemic during and after lockdown w social distancing meaning no big crowds from now on. Wishing u a great day .- Shirley Henderson

Here’s a chart for this. The proyected view of the global economy after the Coronavirus


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