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This article is a continuation of Sher on Going from Holding to Spending Crypto currency by Shirley Henderson and Case Study why eCommerce DApps and Apps need to Sync to keep up with the growing

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Please take a look at these two articles to have a better digestion of this once. Come one you can do it, you can read it, just don’t get as distracted when you jump from link to link that you forget to come back and read this one haha jk you know me I like to make you laugh haha!

Okay than, since you are feeling more relax we can continue with our chat, which is pretty much a normal sequence of events first it was created the white paper for crypto currency then few years passed , then we explained what crypto was for and the blockchain than we learn the benefits for the no fee P2P transaction of good and services as well a new method of money called crypto currency that it is not becoming adopted world wide and helping saving people on money transferring all around the world with extra low fee in comparison to the large fee wire transaction and credit card fees and back fees. So since the crypto currency is been adopted even the tax returns are adopting crypto why not to get a paycheck in crypto

that way we could save money on money exchange fees from centralized companies.

For example how about if Star Bucks and Amazon who are the well recognized industries on the market right now allow clients to pay in crypto. They could take the lead to in paying their employees in crypto these people will be so happy in saving extra cash on money transactions.

Right now exist the social branding as a way to help out the employees with personal education making better work environments I think paying employees will enhance brand reputation and will attract qualified employees to work in these companies who are adopting paying employees crypto paychecks from now on.

There you have it friends my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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Update March 01, 2019


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