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Hello friends I will present you the finding of my case study from January 2018 to January 2019 regarding eCommerce, DApps and Apps. What I learned was that we need to straight the ecosystem of the blockchain assets to help build the decentralized internet and this is what I think that it would help speed the process buy building useful decentralized applications in particular on the marketplace sector.

People still worry about the crypto price, how can we increase the price? I think the bigger question is how can people spend all the cryptocurrency they are holding on there eWallets? Just last year one person purchase 400 million to buy crypto To increase the price first we need to have a flowing economy and the engine of economy is the market place, right? Are you with me so far? Good now let’s get started with more facts and numbers.

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Author Shirley Henderson AKA Sher February 01, 2019.

The centralized online market places available for independent retailers doing P2P business by paying intermediary fees to Apps such as Amazon Reporting Cites More Than 1 Million Small Business Sellers On Platform. Operating income‎: ‎US$4.106 billion (2017) Ebay has 25 million sellers, 157 million buyers and 800 million live listings according to their website on 18 September 2015. Operating income 2.265 billion USD 2017. Alibaba  In 2013, Alibaba had over 231 million merchants and buyers. They state they process over 11 billion orders a year. Lately the open source plug in named WooCommerce for WordPress In fact, at the moment, there are over 500,000 active stores running on Shopify, and they’ve collectively driven more than 40 billion worth of sales. Reporting financials of $26 Billion for 2017.  

This is why the eCommerce DApps and Apps need to Sync to be integrated to with each other to keep up with the growing Online Marketplace. By no means the old ecommerce system will disappear because people have a sense of loyalty to them. What will happen is that new marketplaces will be used by new people and those buyers and seller who would like to save more of their hard earned money. The sun comes up for everybody plus there’s 7.7 billion people in this planet. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

This is the problem:

The decentralized market place is the area of crypto that need the most attention to get build when is the one area that will propel the crypto space based on the above mentioned financials from similar companies with the difference is that all those millions of buyers and seller will get to keep the money is paid to third party intermediaries.

Most independent retailer need to pay the sharing economy apps in order to sell their products and services. The dependency is difficult to break unless decentralized market places sync and integrate apps like Printify with drop-shipping capabilities as well as crypto payment methods.


Exist the plugin WooCommerce which is an open source for WordPress but it does not have and needs code to enable credit card payments and crypto payments. Here is where the crypto developers are needed to bring up to level this WooCommerce app using interfaces that connect decentralized and centralized application such as Polkadots and also the decentralized market places need to sync Apps like Printify for sellers like me that use dropshipping apps at the decentralized marketplace such Origin Protocol, OpenBaazar, Swarm City or CyberMiles but it needs to become integrated to allow connection. Now to get fancy we should allow Market place DApps to use any token to pay with Kyber Networks and MetaMask but remember guys, we need the builders to do the heavy lifting at the eCommerce sector because is been over a year since I am looking for this to be set up like the mentioned centralized marketplaces and its is coming beautiful but I know that we could have this sync in less than a month if only the DApps and Apps talong with wallets communicate and work together now the real mass adoption will have a strong foundation for the years to come.

In order for decentralized e-commerce DApps to populate the marketplace must to be listed as an option for drop ship abilities eg. in the app Printify please request to be sync for API. I made a step by step up guide that I used after sync using Woo to sync Printify but I thought that by enabling opt-in API directly from Origin Protocol or OpenBaazar or any other decentralized market place it would be user friendlier that to have a link to my site at wordpress synced with printify to dropship and woocommerce for payment processes where. It would be easier for me to start y marketplace with you guys. As many other buyers and sellers that will join.

You might all know I had been on a quest to look for a decentralized market place and the horizon looks amazing but for now we are building. I will tell my story and the bumps I had face along the way and how I had resolved them and the fixes I think need it to move faster to enter the mainstream and mass adoption.
Well, my main function in the market place is as a drop shipper therefore I face more problems in a decentralized world because the apps are not synced yet as in Shopify per se.

Case Study: Why eCommerce DApps and Apps need to Sync to keep up with the growing Online Marketplace by Shirley Henderson

since 2018 I grow my eCommerce using shopify but this year 2019 I am making independent from shopify using woocommerce to process payments by the way please @coinbase will you please allow woocommerre to accept cryptocurrency that is missing also.

But today, I found a short cut, yes friends I learn few things along the way and since. I was worry to open my market place at a decentralized DApps because they will not have app that I use Printify sync at the DApps marketplace such as Origin Protocol or OpenBaazar. That’s why I connected to Printify using WooCommerce to have a link from Origin Protocol or OpenBaazar once I build my DApss market place over there and then when I was connecting to woocommerce and the plugin from Printify but that link would be an old fashion way to do things. I though I got to give all decentralized eCommerce DApps the road map so they can move faster. So here we go.
You guys can use the step by step guide they give me to have an idea, however, it is outdated but I found a youtube video super efficient but the reading material have more specifics that you guys might need along the way.


Exist hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers who will benefit from the decentralized marketplaces P2P transactions saving their hard earned money that they pay other wise to apps that act like intermediaries. Decentralized Developers are looking for real life application where to put their knowledge in favor of the world. The Case Study: Why eCommerce DApps and Apps need to Sync to Keep up With the Growing Online Marketplace by Shirley Henderson concluded that in 2018 people who purchase large amounts of cryptocurrency are holding to it for lack of available ways to spend it because the Millions of online merchants doing dropshipping business are locked to centralized apps that are integrated to the marketplace they currently use and those who have access to more independent apps such as WordPress and open source WooCommerce to make their online store payment processing are missing the international credit card payments and crypto payment options. So there you have it, Builders are heroes and we thank you for your hard work even when you only get is our unending admiration. My name is Shirley Henderson and I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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How to Sync Printify for WooCommerce which s an open source in need for code to allow credit card payments world wide and able to accept crypto payments 

Step by step text guide How to Sync Printify for WooCommerce which s an open source in need for code to allow credit card payments world wide and able to accept crypto payments

 Video tutorial on how to sync WooCommerce and Printify

to WordPress

Step by step guide How to Sync Printify for WooCommerce which s an open source in need for code to allow credit card payments world wide and able to accept crypto payments 

WordPress REST API Tutorial (Real Examples)

Update February 06, 2019

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Twitter address of some of the DApps and Apps mentioned in this case study for follow up

@PascalPrecht was at @ngbeconf presenting how to easily build DApps with the features and functionality of Embark. He explains the interactive CLI, managing smart contracts, integrations for decentralized storage, and “Cockpit”– the new web UI dashboard

Case Study: Why eCommerce DApps and Apps need to Sync to keep up with the growing Online Marketplace and Freelance by Shirley Henderson Feat Vitalik Buterin

“More people should look at using smart contracts for recurring payments on a per-second basis for subscription services, ongoing donations, dividends, etc. Can set and change a payment rate with a single transaction.
Also employee salaries. If you think about it in a modern cybernetic society where the technological tools to manage flows as first-class objects exist there’s no reason for the concept of biweekly or monthly “paydays” to exist.
I recommended @GetGitcoin switch to per-second flows for its grants and CLR matching; would love to see them and others experimenting with things like this.” Vitalik Buterin
“I agree @VitalikButerin exist 152 m blogs on the internet N I am sure they would benefit from #crypto #monetization of their content, products and services with the creation of donation and subscription buttons at #ewallets @WooCommerce with @RigoBlock #APIintegration @WordPress
Wonderful @VitalikButerin I think your new #crptopayment proposal can be implemented at #Decentralized #freelance #economy @canyacoin and others #dapps.”- Shirley Henderson
“Oh I agree cash flow management is important. But as I said elsewhere in this thread, there are real benefits to cash flow management to adopting what I describe, for both companies and individuals.” Vitalik Buterin
“Yes, @VitalikButerin I think what is need it is the addition of the question inset cryptocurrency wages, tips, or sales received onto filing taxes software such as @turbotax or @TaxAct for w2’s or 1040’s forms. This will help out with crypto taxation adoption.” Shirley Henderson

I think the DApps that issue micropayments could integrate some type of accounting software such as @Quickbooks so when people and industries file their crypto assets it could be sync by the click of a button very user friendly.

The way for mass adoption of crypto currency without a doubt is at the marketplace and since we agree that we want the regulation of crypto by the certified holders and wallets the next logical thing will be he crypto taxation and the rest will be history.

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Update May 18, 2019

Why I deleted 99chart?

1 Announcement: I Shirley Henderson CEO of @99Chart took the executive decision to “#DELETE” the site: Reason: It was 100% governed by “#CENTRALIZATION” Shopify was the third party intermediary between 99chart and the client. It was a learning experience that we’ll always love

2 Is been a journey of 2 years but ever since I learned about “#DECENTRALIZEDMARKETPLACES” early 2018 I put my focus to help with the infrastructure for a day like today where we are ready to move. It’s a bitter sweet announcement but it had to be done sooner than later friends.

3 Thank you for your love and support friends. This is a new begging that I been looking forward to start for about a year, but I was diligent and patient enough to make the right decision. I feel better now. Ever since I was introduced to #decentralization knew it belong to all

4 Thanks to  for helping with the transition since it will facilitate a space on the site using an @WooCommerce#opensource#ecommerce finanacial plugin, praying @FlexaHQ arrives to @WordPress to enable #cryptocurrency@Gemini@tylerwinklevoss@winklevoss

5 Thank you for witnessing history in the making, on Dec 2017 @99chart was among the first #ecommerce to welcome #cryptocurrency our customers deserve a P2P transaction only available with #decentralization@openbazaar@originprotocol@SwarmCityDApp


6 On February 2018 @99chart accepts #Ethereum as a method of payment inviting us into the #cryptoworld where we are heading gladly. This will be added to Case Study Why eCommerce DApps and Apps need to Sync to #OnlineMarketplace by @Sher_Henderson Ft @VitalikButerin#ETH#99chart

7 Thank you for your patience, soon my #art will be available to you, again. There you have it guys my name is Shirley Henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side human kind, see you guys back.#shersart#shirleyhenderson#sherwork#artist

In spanish

“Más personas deberían considerar el uso de contratos inteligentes para pagos recurrentes en una base * por segundo * para servicios de suscripción, donaciones continuas, dividendos, etc. Pueden establecer y cambiar una * tasa de pago * con una sola transacción.
También los salarios de los empleados. Si lo piensa en una sociedad cibernética moderna donde existen las herramientas tecnológicas para gestionar los flujos como objetos de primera clase, no existe ninguna razón para que exista el concepto de “días de pago” quincenales o mensuales.
Recomendé el cambio de @GetGitcoin a flujos por segundo para sus concesiones y coincidencia de CLR; Me encantaría verlos a ellos y a otros que experimentan con cosas como esta “. Vitalik Buterin
“Estoy de acuerdo en que @VitalikButerin existe 152 millones de blogs en Internet N Estoy seguro de que se beneficiarían de #crypto #monetización de sus contenidos, productos y servicios con la creación de botones de donación y suscripción en #ewallets @WooCommerce con @RigoBlock #APIintegration @WordPress
Maravilloso @VitalikButerin Creo que su nueva propuesta de #crptopayment puede implementarse en #Decentralizada #freelance #economy @canyacoin y otros #dapps “. – Shirley Henderson
“Oh, estoy de acuerdo en que la administración del flujo de efectivo es importante. Pero como dije en otra parte de este hilo, existen * beneficios * reales para la administración del flujo de efectivo a la hora de adoptar lo que describo, tanto para compañías como para individuos”. Vitalik Buterin
“Sí, @VitalikButerin Creo que lo que se necesita es la adición de la pregunta que incluye los sueldos, propinas o ventas de criptomonedas recibidas en el software de impuestos de presentación como @turbotax o @TaxAct para formularios w2 o 1040. Esto ayudará con la adopción de impuestos criptográficos.”. Shirley Henderson

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you for your love and support.

Update April 23, 2019

2 Moon Chrome extension will allow any @lightning wallet to spend BTC on e-commerce websites. I’ll update Why #eCommerce #DApps and Apps need to Sync to Keep up With the Growing Online #Marketplace and #Freelance Economy by Shirley Henderson Ft @VitalikButerin

3 Great by @moon that now #ecommerce websites such as @WordPress @WooCommerce @ShopifyDevs @Shopify @ShopifyEng can use the @lightning Lighting Network to pay with #BTC Also #Kruger is next hoping @Walmart #wordpress #plugins #sync #apps #shersarticles ✍️

4 We have to be thankful to @paywithmoonv browser extension for doing al the heavy lifting enabling to receive #Cryptocurrency using @lightning to process #ecommerce transactions Hopefully supermarkets give up the cuts they get from credit card fees to help the public save money.

5 Also super thanks to @turbotax who add this year a New Section for Calculating Crypto Taxes using @QuickBooks now is to import trading data to @coinbase @Gemini Hopefully they could enable ranging cash flows, payments, salaries, for tax reports.

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Actualizacion Mayo 18, 2019

Por que borre 99chart?

1 Anuncio: I Shirley Henderson, CEO de @ 99Chart, tomó la decisión ejecutiva de “#DELETE” en el sitio: Motivo: Estaba 100% regida por “#CENTRALIZACIÓN” Shopify era el intermediario externo entre 99chart y el cliente. Fue una experiencia de aprendizaje que siempre amaremos.
2 Ha sido un viaje de 2 años, pero desde que me enteré de “#DECENTRALIZEDMARKETPLACES” a principios de 2018, me concentré en ayudar con la infraestructura durante un día como hoy, donde estamos listos para mudarnos. Es un anuncio agridulce, pero tenía que hacerse antes que los amigos posteriores.
3 Gracias por tu amor y apoyo a tus amigos. Esta es una nueva mendicidad que he estado esperando para comenzar durante aproximadamente un año, pero fui lo suficientemente diligente y paciente como para tomar la decisión correcta. Me siento mejor ahora. Desde que me introduje en #decentralización sabía que pertenecía a todos.
4 Gracias a por ayudar con la transición, ya que facilitará un espacio en el sitio usando @WooCommerce #opensource #ecommerce finanacial plugin, rezando @FlexaHQ llega a @WordPress para habilitar #cryptocurrency @Gemini @tylerwinklevoss @winklevoss
5 Gracias por presenciar la historia en la fabricación, en diciembre de 2017 @ 99chart fue uno de los primeros #ecommerce para dar la bienvenida a #cryptocurrency que nuestros clientes merecen una transacción P2P solo disponible con #decentralization @openbazaar @originprotocol @SwarmCityDApp ✍️ http: // bit. hacer / eSFZr
6 En febrero de 2018 @ 99chart acepta #Ethereum como un método de pago que nos invita al #cryptoworld al que nos dirigimos con gusto. Esto se agregará al Caso de estudio Por qué las aplicaciones y aplicaciones de comercio electrónico deben sincronizarse con #OnlineMarketplace por @Sher_Henderson Ft @VitalikButerin #ETH # 99chart
7 Gracias por su paciencia, pronto mi #arte estará disponible para usted, nuevamente. Ahí lo tienen, chicos, me llamo Shirley Henderson y quiero que tenga éxito en todos los aspectos de su vida. Estoy del lado del tipo humano, nos vemos de nuevo. # Shersart #shirleyhenderson #sherwork #artist

There you have it friends, My name is Shirley henderson and I want to see you succeed in every area of your live. I am on the side of human kind. See you guys back.

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