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How the US can Build a Super Economy by Shirley Henderson

How the US can build a super economy by Shirley Henderson

“The US has the potential to build a super economy once it pass #CancelStudentDebt #MedicaidforAll #15minimumage #1000permonth As Law and by the adoption of cryptocurrency”- Shirley Henderson

I am not an economist or play one on the internet this is not a financial advice but I been following the flow of the economy for about two years in regards to the cryptocurrency and I found to correlations

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one is that countries that adopt cyber money in previous years and now among the first to adopt cryptocurrency and the other is that they have a system of a strong social welfare for its citizens

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meaning that the flow of good and services is faster however they have extra cash to spend, lets say people how work extra hours or has a hustle on the side or even has a business because they have all their needs met by the government the economy f this country grows faster when on the contrary countries that do not have social welfare systems in progress such as the US are falling behind on the international economy

I started the article how to potentially cancel student debt and free college education and free health care for all article and I could see the money is there it only needs to be redirected to policies that are needed among the people the well infrastructure of the tax location and the reorganization will build the economy that the US needs.

The US has the potential to build a super economy once it pass #CancelStudentDebt #MedicaidforAll #15minimumage #1000permonth As Law the economic stimulus will put us ahead financially just by the spending power the people will have bleeding straight into the commerce specially with the use of #cryptocurrency use these hashtags and talk about this topic on social media.

Now we see the mall becoming ghost malls because people have student debt and their money is garnished out of their paychecks, the commerce is going down domestically while we see how much countries that use a system of welfare for its citizens are flourish so that must to be good why not copy something that it is working than we should make it work for us too.

In conclusion on my research I noticed two variables on the correlation for countries that emerged from the ashes and become a stronger economy

number one is that they had their citizens cover under a welfare system meaning the people does not have to worry for they living expenses because the government pays for them housing, education, healthcare, from birth to death people has no worries regarding their living expenses so when they work all that money is use for them to buy whatever they want, like a car, house, clothing etc not like in the US people are living paycheck to paycheck further in debt because they have student loans that inhibit them to make financial decisions because their money is garnished form their paychecks.

Number two variable is the countries whose citizens have cash flow they spend it on a cashless form meaning the currency they use is by software instead of printed paper fiat they use Paypal or we-chat to make they purchases this countries have a strong adoption of the digital money.

I think that the way the US will build a super economy is by canceling national student debt by offering free college education, by giving free healthcare with Medicare for all and the $1000 per month allowance this will create a huge cash flow into the national and even global economy and use cryptocurrency is crucial to speed up the process.

This simple.

There you have it friends my name is Shirley Henderson from and I want to see you succeed in every area of your life. I am on the side of human kind, see you guys back.

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Update August 19, 2019

To restore the American Dream is not about politics but economics. A Denmark person has the same iPhone an American has but the an American uses its excess income on social economic needs such student debt, healthcare & education.-@Sher_Henderson#studentdebt#UBI#Medicare4all

Social incentives are not about politics but economics of EARNINGS VS EXPENSES in contrast to the top 500 companies that pay ZERO TAXES. Hence, the American households is not included on the economic growth of the country only big companies in a richer vs poorer scenarios.- Shirley Henderson

This graphic does not mention the amount is taken from wages to pay student debt from every check


Update on resources August 22, 2019

“I think the American Dream is Dead”- Ray Dalio

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